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Updated: Apr 19, 2018

And just like that, February has slipped through our fingers! We hope you all had as good a month as you can in 28 days of cold and yuck. For our part, we were stunningly unproductive around here, mostly because the weather in SarahCate's neck of the woods has been rainy and awful, and because Kristie has been working her new full-time job (hooray!). But, if the weather cooperates, we're planning to get back to our more regular work plans this week and next. We've got big things in the works- not just the new Apps page that's still in progress, but also a new section in the shop for service animal gear, and we've started laying out a plan for a another whole new page set​.

The new page will be called “Bath and Beauty” and will feature shops that are carrying makeup, bath, grooming supplies for disabled/chronically ill people, and videos from disabled/chronically ill YouTube makeup artists. As well as whatever helpful hacks we can find that make makeup and grooming easier for folks with various physical and other challenges. As always when we start a new facet like this, we'd love your input! If you are, or know, a disabled/ill makeup artist or vlogger who does makeup/grooming hacks for our community- let us know so we can start bookmaking videos and YouTube channels, reviews, and articles with tips. That way when we're building we'll have a good base of resources to share with the rest of the community.

We considered just adding a new section to the shops, but the fact is a lot of the really great products that are specifically bath and beauty targeted are kind of one-offs. A specific set of nail clippers for example, or a makeup tool someone discovered could be a hack for applying eyeliner. It's not really enough to add a whole new shop section, but in a targeted tab on the site we can build something more expansive while still including these little one-off links to products and services.

In other news, if you follow our FB page (which you definitely should, that's where our newest news gets put first and most frequently), you know we also want to start sharing some brick-and-mortar resources. If you know of a mobility or medical supply store that doesn't necessarily have a website or do customized gear, but that offers great help to your local area, drop us a note and we'll share it on our social media. We try to have as many online resources as we can find for everyone, but we also know that sometimes when you need a new wheelchair, or walker, or crutches you want to be able to sit in it, lean on it, walk with it for a few steps in order to really know it's going to work for you. And a lot of cities have these amazing, relatively unknown brick-and-mortar shops serving their communities. We want to help folks all over the world really know what places are near them, specifically places that have been tried and tested by others in the community. When we have some resources put together, we'll add a listing page to the site, as well as a document on the Facebook page where folks can go to search for their major metropolitan area and see what mobility/medical equipment store are in their local areas.

And that's about all the news for new month announcements. A reminder that we hope you'll check out our new Teespring shop (found in “Relatable Goodies”), we've got some really great snarky designs up to deal with all that casual ableism we all encounter so often in our daily lives! We're still looking into a good source to offer some larger sizing on tee shirts and other things too, so as soon as we have that decided and set up, we'll let you know on Facebook and our other social media.

Here's hoping Spring and warmer, calmer weather is headed everyone's way soon. Hang in there Pretties, winter is almost over.




If you can't contribute, please consider sharing this campaign on your social media! Someone you know may be looking for a way to give back and could make a huge difference in someone's life. =========================

In 2015, I was given a life-changing diagnosis: Osteogenesis Imperfecta. OI affects every part of my life. I lost much of my hearing, I struggle to hold items (like cups and forks and toothbrushes) without dropping them or dislocating my fingers, and I can no longer walk more than a few meters at a time. I rely on access aids (like hearing aids) to get through every day.  

Six months after my diagnosis, my life changed again.  I received my first powerchair, and suddenly I was able to do the things I loved again! School became not just possible but successful. I had the energy and the ability to go places with my friends and family, where before I would be left at home. I could travel again! 

Unfortunately, OI is a degenerative condition and my shoulders have degenerated to the point that it's dangerous for my to take my wheelchair apart and put it in my car. The heaviest piece weighs 45lbs., and that's enough to dislocate my shoulders and fingers. There's also lots of places I can't go in my chair. It gets stuck on sidewalks with cracks and doorways with a lip. My chair served me well, but (according to my physical therapist) it's time for me to get a sturdier one. The chair will be covered by my insurance.

The lift for my car, that lets me take my wheelchair to school, to the grocery store, to the movie theater, etc. is not covered by my insurance. It's going to cost $5225 to buy and install on my car. I just don't have the ability to pay that much right now.

Without a lift, I will lose my independence. I'll be stuck at home, unable to take classes at school, unable to even go to the grocery store anymore. My chair has given me the ability to live again, just like anyone else, but without a way to transport my chair I'll lose that.

Please help me keep my independence and mobility! Even a little goes a long way.

In addition, I'm a bookbinding student. I would love to make a personalized, handbound sketchbook or journal for anyone that donates $25 or more.


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