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Accessories, Art and More for the Hard of Hearing and D/deaf Community.

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3 sets of multiple headbads in various patterns and colors. Below is a cabbage patch doll wearing a toy hearing aid attached with a pink sparkly headband, a small child wearing an actual hearing aid on a minions headband, and a stuffed doll wearing a toy hearing aid on a purple headband
a pink hearing aid with pink plastic tubing curled around it, and 2 batches of various colored plastic twirly tubes.
6 colors of plastic hearing aid tubes, and a silver hearing aid with blue marbled in-ear piece and royal blue tubing.
2 coloring pages with ASL fingerspelling on them, the inside cover of a comic book called "WHAT QQ," the front of a comic called, "WHAT QQ Vol 2," a comic book called "A werewofl by the sea," and a spiral bund book called "100+ days of disability"
a small beaded bracelet in superman colors with a superman-style tag that has the intials CI on it, a green Tee shirt that reads, "I have computers in my head," a seatbelt protector that reads: Super Hearo Logan, Cochlear Implants, NO MRI," 2 orange tshirts with disney's tigger shown from the back with blue cochlear implants, a stuffed pikachu doll with embroidered pokeball-style cochlear implants, a black baseball hat embroidered with "CI-BORG" on the front and a cochlear implant on the side, a pink kids tshirt with a superman style crest with the initials CI in it and "SuperHearo" underneath, and a purple silky cape with the same.
7 cords with clear clips attache for securing hearing aids and cochlear implants. Each has a dfferent charm ad 4 are diffeent solid colors, one is brided in black orange and white, and one s beaded with blue diamond shaped beads.
9 different sticker pattern swatches, the profile of a child with a cochlear implant receiver with a sticker on it, and 2 cut out stickers for receivers in different patterns.
A set of 4 multicolored twirly wraps for hearing aid tubes, plus 4 of the same shown wrapped around cochlear lines, 2 model heads- one wearing a strap around in purple that attaches to the reciever of a hearing aid, and the other in teal wrapped to attach to the over-ear receiver of a cochlear implant.  3 hearing aids showing different colored tube wraps.
Various pieces of gold and silver jewelry featuring ASL signs for love and friendship, a cross and star of david are featured a well as 3 drawer pulls with asl on them and a siver bell
Various gold and silver jewelry wih Israeli Signs forming differentname and letters, and a gold cochlear implant necklace.
4 tan hearing aids with multicolor earpieces, one has a cat charm attached at the crest, one has a flower, another a pair of ballet slippers, and another a slice of watermelon, a row of curly plastic bits in different colors with glittery finishes, and 3 different women's ears with hearing aids in them- each has a different set of earring-like dangles.  One with small pearl rounds, one with a cute cartoony turtle, and one oxydized copper with inlaid crystals
9 different white model ears each wearing a different style of cuff and chain combination that attaches to hearing equipment, also 2 designs that include earrings made of the Tardis.
2 different ponto streamers with decorative skins, a clip decorated with a blue bow, and 6 different beaded "chains"
A hearing aid receiver wrapped in a knitted gray cover.  A set of 3 receivers in the same fabric in pink, brown, and off-white.  And a row of covers lined up in a rainbow of colors.
6 bejeweled metal hearts to attach to hearing aids, one diamond-style jewels, one pink, one black, one red, and one blue.
An art print of a whale with the tail fin formed by an asl hand sign, a sign readng My Father My Hero with the words MY in asl hand forms, 3 tees wih asl hnd letters that read, "Certified Queen," "Let that Shit Go" and "Zero F**ks Given"
6 intricate black and white prints with ASL signs and letters as their centers.
A small child wearing a headband with bow that is attached to a hearing aid, a visor with a horton-hears-a-who pattern, and 5 colums of color and pattern choices
Several tee shirt with superheo logos represented by hands forming ASL.
Various pairs of earrings, pins and stickers with Deaf culture themes.  Some have Lips ith the word Reader attached some with the international symbol for D/deafness and HOH, different CC icons, and jewelry reading Deafie
Art, Cards, Bookmaks, and tees with ASL letters on them speling out names and words.
4 small metal containers, each with a page of different stickers on them, pink and silver swirlies, butterflies, neon splats, and cupcakes.  The tin with the cupcakes also has 2 3d cupcakes on it.  Also, a set of sparkly colored decals, and a batch of stickers showing which hearing aid/cochlear implant brand they're designed to fit.
Asilver bracelet with the asl sign for I Love You stamped on it, 3 white buttons, 1 reading "ASL" inside the image of a hand, 1 reading "#ASL Life" with the I Love you hand sign, and the sign for best friends with the words "Best Friends" aboe it., A tee shirt panel showing the connecticut skyline and fingerspelling below it, a hoodie with the asl handsign for "I love you" with the word Love coming out of the sign, nail and string art in the shape of the asl hadnsign for I Love you, a bumper sticker reading, "interpreters don't die, they sign off," and another reading, "Keep Honkin' I'm Deaf."
2 ears wearing hearing aids- one has a teal and black band attached and stretched over her head, the other showing a purple bejeweled earring attached to the molded part of the aid. A set of pawprint tube charms, a pair of video came controller charms, a pair of cross hearing aid earrings, a rainbow heart beaded clip that attaches to a barette, and 2 cochlear implant s with charms- one spiderman and one rainbow.  A hearing aid with a small purple flower attached.
Scultures made out of hands spelling in ASL.  One with a blue, white and purple hand set that spell out "ART," a hand making the "I Love You" sign, a set of varying blue hands spelling out "brother," and a clock with the ASL number signs making the times of the day.
various hearing aids and cochlear implants with different vinyl skins on them, a little girl wearing a pink band that holds a hearing aid, a stretchy-banded bandana that attaches to a hearing aid receiver, a set of thin hearing aid bands, and thicker bands of dfifferent patterns too.
a pen covered with a multi-colored floral pattern, a model ear with a hearing aid that is decorated with a Dory charm, 2 different clips- one with a zebra ribbon, and one with a rinabow ribbon, a clip with a hair barrette attached, a skull and crossbones charm for a CI, a hearing aid decorated with a purple zebra pattern, a small bag with dinosaurs on it, a skin for a processing unit, a hearing aid receiver with a galaxy skin, a model head wearing a hearing aid that is attached with a beaded chain, a small triangular bag with zipper revealing hearing aid eqipment, a receiver decorated with a fireworks skin on it, and the in-ear portion of a hearing aid with black tubing.
3 people's ears with hearing aids that have wings attached to them. 1 is styled like dragon wings, one like a butterfly, and one has an actual butterfly charm on the in-ear part of the aid.  A rainbow-colored fob of ribbons styled to fit like an earring over a hearing aid tube, and 2 different kinds of wings shown attached to hearing aids.
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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