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     It starts with just a tiny bit of vanity. See, I went from taking zero medication to taking… well… a few different things. Some of them fairly large pills. Now that I’ve been able to do more and more without my crutches- that means I’m open again to carry cute purses and bags! Which also means… I really want a cute pill organizer. Something portable but pretty- that would hold and organize all my meds for easy carrying in my purse.


     But good luck. If you find one that’s cute- there aren’t enough images to show if *your* pills will actually FIT. Or it looks right, but the reviews are awful. After 3 days of googling and hunting and reading reviews and banging my head against the desk I messaged my friend Kris and said, “If I had the capital, I’d make a store JUST to carry and sell ‘pretty’ medical gear and supplies.  So I could go to one place and find all the things I need without having to weed through 12 different sites and then settling for the same old gray and black and ugly.”


     Her response, “Who needs capital? We could do it online!”


     And PrettySick Supply Co. was born. We committed to working together to bring my idea to life. We’re starting by trying to just create a hub. A place you can go when you need new medical gear but you want it to be personalized or pretty. We collect links and photos, stay up with what’s available. You just come to the site, click on “pill sorters” and see what we’ve found. Then, you just click on the link(s) for the ones you like, and buy from there.


    We’ll also be putting up videos on our youtube channel, real video reviews of the products we find and buy and showcase on our site so you can see in more than just.. 2 images… if *your* meds will fit in a given case, or how easy or difficult some of these diy tutorials are for modifying and creating your own things like pockets and organizers for walkers and wheelchairs.


    Someday, our goal is to be an actual non-profit so that we can best maximize the impact of this project.  Basically, we want to help as many people on both sides of shopping and selling within the chronic community as we possibly can!

     We want to be the place you go when you want to spruce up the gear you have to have.  As we say in our motto: Just because your problems are chronic, doesn't mean your gear can't be fabulous- and now- we can help!




Diagnosed with Stage 3C Uterine Cancer at 29, I'm no stranger to chronic conditions and all that comes with them.  Chemo and radiation kicked Cancer, but left me with debilitatingly painful neuropathy in my feet.  

In the course of the last 5 years I've used canes, crutches and a wheelchair, and I take a number of medications to manage both pain and type II Diabetes, and when needed- for anxiety too.

Kris and I are happily long-distance dating (for now), and all my kids are furry and speak in meows and purrs.  I'm a freelance illustrator and artist and when the mood strikes, I also make beaded jewelry.

I'm most passionate about connecting the chronic community with better and more beautiful products as I understand the struggle to find them myself. And while I may be the "creative" force behind all of this, there's no way I could do it without Kris' input, feedback and support!

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My stats: Conditions: Anxiety/Depression; possibly not neurotypical in other ways, but no other official diagnosis; bulging disc in my spine that I’ve been told shouldn’t hurt, but does (and messes with the nerves for my legs); Hypertension


Gear: OTC pain relievers, vitamins, cane


So a little about me beyond the simple list: I have an American Eskimo dog, a black, vision impaired cat (void chunk), my favorite color varies but right now I’d say purple (or teal, or mint, or blue, or...). I love chocolate, a little too much, and tea, all the tea. I love putty/slime, tangles, and various other stim/fidget toys.


I’m…well usually I just say queer. Uses they/them pronouns, gender to be determined later. When my brain cooperates I love coloring. I’m that dirty liberal your racist family members scream about. Basically I’m the brawn (money) of the project while SarahCate is the brains (creativity) of the project

A poster with the PrettySick Supply logo at the bottom.  The poster reads, "We Will Not Tolerate: Sexism, Racism, Ableism, Homophobia, Fatphobia, Transphobia, Islamophobia, or General Hatefulness.  We are dedicated to being a safe space, if we can do better, let us know!  Violators will be blocked or banned accordingly"
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