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Service Animal Supplies

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3 coiled lenths of braded rope in different colos, with leah attachments at he ends.  A small length of similar rope in blue with leash attachmet clasps at both ends.  A collar made of the same materia, and a semi-coiled leash in green.
7 different hand made fabric vests and dress-stylecovers for dogs.  Each isembroidered with "service dog" or similar information.  All of the vests are decorated with bows orruffles and are in pretty and unique color combinatios.
3 different service dog vests in pink, blue, and purple.  2 have "service dog" patches, one reads "please donate".  A large blackdog wears an vibrant orange coat for winter, a tan dog wears a camo strap across its chest that reads "Service Dog", and there is a black patch with white and red embrodery reading "Therapy Dog Healing Hearts."
Various patches declaring service dog responsibiitie.  Including Autism Service Dog, Diabetic Alet Dog and others.  2 different bumperstickers alerting to service dogs in vehicles, a row of 6 different colored "service dog" patches, and a leash with "In Case of Emergency Do Not Separate Service Dog from Handler."
3 coiled lenths of braded rope in different colos, with leah attachments at he ends.  A small length of similar rope in blue with leash attachmet clasps at both ends.  A collar made of the same materia, and a semi-coiled leash in green.
Rows of various shapes and sizes of embroidered patches.  Inclding message not to pet srvice dog, notations about emegency epi-pens, nsaid allergies, diabetic alerts, multiple colors of "service dog woking" patches, hearing impaired handler patches and more.
Leashes, vests, coats and bandanas of varying colors.  Each is marked with either "service dog" "do not pet" "nervous" "deaf door other related warnings."
A set of 2 rows of embrodered personalized rectangular patches in many different color combinations, a red service dog leash-syle harness, a bedazzled and patterned service dog vest on a small gray dog, 6 various multi-color service, medic-alert, and esa dog patches, a black and white striped service dog vest with teal accents, a harry potter themed service dog vest with themed patches, 3 leash attachments in different colors embroidered with vaious service dog warnings, a mavel heroes bandana with patch that reads, "I make people feel better,what's your super power?", a stuffed service dog wih accessories, a disabled veteran service dog vest and a kit with various service dog accessories.
2 rows of primarly white patches with black embroidery.  Each patch announce a different service-dog position.  They include, "Yes, I work for her," "Migraine and Anxiety Alert Dog," "Yes,she feeds me, no I'm not thirsty," "Dammit Jim, I'm a service Dog, not a tribble" and other medical and fandom themed sayings.  There are 2 service vests in reflective colos, a service dog cape quilted with stained glass patterns, and a large black labrador modeling a vest with handle and velcro for adding patches.
A yellow wrap with purple borders to drape over a dog- 2 of the 3 panels have red stop sign patches, 3 standard shaped service dog vests in different sizes and colors showing different patch options.  4 embroidered patches, one with a Lilo and Stitch character reading, "Handler Has a Glitch," One reading, "In case of emegency, do not separate service dog from handler," another reading, "Emergency information inside," a 3rd which reads, "Traumatic brain injury service dog" and th fina patch reading, "seizure response service dog."
2 rows of 8 different dog tags.  Each tag explains access needed and the type of service the dog performs, mobility, gude, psychiatric, autism support, etc. The tags come in 5 different shapes and several color combinations.  Below the tags are an assortment of medic-alert bracelets andnecklace charms in different colors and styles.
Multiple rows of embroidered patches in different colors.  They have a wide rane of instruction and statements relevant to using a service dog.  At the bottom is a small swatch of color opions, and amongst the patches s a tan leash sysem designed specifically or service animal handlers.
Various patches, vests and leash embellishments for service animals.  They include warnings about not disturbing working dogs, and various alerts about allergies and symptoms.
Patches for service animal vests including, "PTSD Does Not Mean Pet the Service Dog!", "Disability Managed," "Still Ill" which is in the shape of a pill bottle, a teal ribbon shape patch reading, "POTS strong," a teal ribbon keychain made from paracord, a round patch with outerspace pattern reading, "Give Us Space," a patch formed in the shape of a spoon with a pink ribbon around it, a square patch with rainbow ifinity symbol reading, "NEURO-DIVERSITY," A square patch with a cactus reading, "Can't Touch This," a patch with an axolotl that reads, "You Sure Axolotl questions," A keychain that has harry potter's glasses and scar which reads, "My disability is wearing an invisibility cloak," ad a ound patch reading, "TPN Depedent Central Line."
3 patches for service vests. The first is round and reads "Please ask to Pet me I'm friendly", the second is shaped like  UFO and reads, "We need space," the third is round with a stop sign in the middle. It reads, "Do not pet, do not distract."  The rest of the image is of 9 different vests in different colors, patterns and sizes with various service patches on them and pesonalized embroidery.  One is specifically for disabled vets, one in a swirly galaxy patten, a bright pink and yellow, one with an Autism Service patch on it, another in reflective orange with a "deaf handler" patch, another without patches that is green and blue.
One blue and one purple harnessa lime green pack harness, a pink harnss with handle, a white mesh vest with black border, a green vest with black and gray accents, and a black vest wit a disabled veteran patch, a set of various service dog id tags, and various embroidered patches including, "not all wounds are visible," "veteran assist service dog", "Do not separate service dog from handler," "Ask to Pet Me I'm working," "Assistance dog," "PTSD Proudly Served, not all wounds are visible," "hearing dog," "Do not pet, I'm working," "therapy dog," "autism service dog," and "Diabetic Alert Service Dog."
Several patches and vinyl stickes.  The patches read, "No Tocar!", "Do Not Pet! I don't pet you while you're working," "Do Not Distract, My handler's safety depends on your respect." One patch has Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and read, "My handler is a little broken but still good.  Yeah. Still good." Anoher has a white ghostly figure and reads, "It's a dog, not a dementor," the final patch has Dory, Nem and Marlin on it and reads, "I am the Marlin to her Dory." One vinyl sticker has a stick figure with sword and shield and reads, "Chronic Illness Warrior," Another has a silhouette of a poodle and reads, "Service Dog On Board," The last sticker has a heart beat reading in black with a red heart.  Text reads, "I defy Gravity. P.O.T.S"
12 different round red and white or blue, red and white tags for animal collars.  They read (left to right, top to bottom): "Seizure Alert Dog," "Medical Alert Dog," "Emotional Support Animal," "I have Cushings, Meds Needed," "I am Blind, please turn over," "Therapy Animal," "Service Dog," "I have Diabetes," "Service Dog," "I am Deaf," "Emotional Support Cat," and "Service Cat."  At the top right corner are 6 rows of the same tags but showing the many color options available.
5 Embroidered patches for service vests.  They read, "Service Dog," "Emotional Support Animal,""Diabetic Alert Dog," "Seizure Alert Dog," and "Please ask to Pet Me," There two service dog vests, one pink and one blue with various service dog patches on them, a hand holds an "access required" card laying out service animal access requirements, a doorknob hanger reading, "Service Dog in Room, do not disturb," and 3 different styles of tags with various service and guide dog labels printed on them.
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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