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Medic-alert And Other Jewelry

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Heart Shaped Pins with various illnesses on them, one that reads So Tachy, a heart sticker that reads Spoonie, a color page, 2 ribbon pendants and a cloud that reads, "brain fog"
Heart Shaped Pins with various illnesses on them, one that reads So Tachy, a heart sticker that reads Spoonie, a color page, 2 ribbon pendants and a cloud that reads, "brain fog"
3 beaded bracelets with lots of dangling beads and charms.  The first is in purple tones, the second in blue and yellow and the third in reds.  Some of the charms read, "inspire," "love," "hope," "dream," "Courage."
3 beaded necklaces with etched pedants
2 rows of handmade pendants. Each features designs using actual medications cast in resin.
a silver bracelet with "your anxiety is lying to you" stamped on the inside, a copper ring stamped with "be nice," a heart haped sticker reading "spread love not hate," a samped silver pendant reading, "please do not touch me," a group of small round buttons in various colors all reading, "emergency spoon" with a cartoon spoon. A pair of small silver spoon dangle earrings. An art piece of a black person with short orange hair reading, "please don't touch me," and 7 pins of various colors and patterns. Messages include, "Hello I am non-verbal," "Hello I am not good in crowds," "Hello I am partially-sighted," "Representation Matters," "All Bodies are Good Bodies," "Self Care isn't Selfish," and "Hello I Am Injecting Insulin Not Illegal Drugs."
An assortment of round pins on brown cardbacks.  The pins are blue, green or purple and include the following phrases, "My Disability is Invisible," "My Disabilty is Episodic," Please Offer Me a Seat".  Some of the pins alo have a white silhouette of a peron holding a sign that shows a graph.
Various pieces of gold and silver jewelry featuring ASL signs for love and friendship, a cross and star of david are featured a well as 3 drawer pulls with asl on them and a siver bell
3 white wrist bands reading "Invisible Illness," 4 nasal cannula in green, yellow, pink, and blue, 4 plastic wristbands reading "Spoonie Sisters", the bands are black, green, purple and blue., A turquoise shirt reading, "Chronic Pain Warrior", a wrist wearing 3 different bracelets with metal central pieces, each has a different colored cord and the centers have coordinating black, green and purple ribbons etched in them, and a purple long sleeve shirt reading, "Queen of Napzzz"
An enamel pin with zelda-style life hearts with one and a half filled and the other empty, A button reading, "Fight Like a Girl.",  A patch shaped like a party hat reading, "Too Tired to Party," A black tee with rainbow text reading, "I got dressed today.," A sticker shaped like a pin-on medal that reads, "Coping Admirably," a Patch also shaped like a medal that reads, "Fighting Invisible Battles,", and an enamel pin shaped like a turtle that reads, "Slow Runners Club"
3 people in different t-shirts.  One person with long hair in a wheelchair who is wearing a shrit that looks like a name tag reading, "Hello, My name is Chronically Ill Badass", the 2nd person is standing in a black off-the-shoulder tee which reads, "Trust your Dopeness," and the third is seated in a tee that reads, "Chronically Dope." At the far right is a person's torso wearing a tee that reads, "Walk with a Twist.  To the left are 2 different wrists wearing metal and rubber bracelets that read, "Girls Chronically Rock."
Various gold and silver jewelry wih Israeli Signs forming differentname and letters, and a gold cochlear implant necklace.
Various embroidered products with spoonie and illness themes.  Hooped embroidery reading "Spoonie", "Pajamas all day", and "Rest Your Bones", a necklace with an embroidered semicolon, a zippered bag embroidered with "Happy Pills!", and a small cardboard box with various self-care goodies, and a pair of white undies embroidered with "I am enough" on the front.
a pair of clay earrings with turquoise colored circles from which dangle purle triangles.  A back sleeved white t shirt with a hand giving the thumbs up which reads, "Not Dead Yet", a bone can be seen sticking out the wrist.  A black tee with a black and white mouth holding a pill on its tongue. Text reads, "Sick Girl." Stickers with the 2 t-shirt deigngs on them, plus another blue purple pink gradiant hand with an eye in the palm that reads, "hyprnrml". A small pin in the "sick girl" design. A silver ring with pointed crystal formations on top.  A brass pendant in the shape of a crystal.
a silver wrist cuff bracelet stamped with the word Warrior, 3 different looped pendants with various charms and sayings on them including spoons and colored stones.  A dog tag style pendant stamped with "the struggle is real" and teal ribbons, a butterfly pendant from which a spoon hangs, and a beaded bracelet with spoons, a ribbon and other charms
A myriad of medic-alert jewelry in a wide range of styles including silver, rose gold, gold, plastic, bracelets, necklaces, bangles and charms.
Various pairs of earrings, pins and stickers with Deaf culture themes.  Some have Lips ith the word Reader attached some with the international symbol for D/deafness and HOH, different CC icons, and jewelry reading Deafie
The back windshield of a vehice with a green and white decal reading, "Lyme Warrior", A white tee with green sleeves reading, "Chronically Awesome," An orange tee with yellow lighning bolt and black text reading, "I fight Lyme Disease, what's your super power?", a white tile bracelet with black cord reading, "Never Give Up," the back of a gra tee readin, "LW Lyme Warrior," a foppy kids book titled "William and the Tick Invasion," 3 plastic wristbands and 3 black button reading, "LW Lyme Warrior" and "F*ck Lyme," A black baseballcap with "LW Lyme Warrior," the back of a black tee with a lage green no symbol over a list of lyme symptoms to indicate they are not a choice.
2 rows of 8 different dog tags.  Each tag explains access needed and the type of service the dog performs, mobility, gude, psychiatric, autism support, etc. The tags come in 5 different shapes and several color combinations.  Below the tags are an assortment of medic-alert bracelets andnecklace charms in different colors and styles.
Various round medic-alert charms showing fronts and backs.  They include Dysotonomia awareness, a charm stating "On Blood Thinners," Another reading, "Ehlers Danlos," "Latex Allergy", there's also a keychain reading "Epilepsy", a dog tag with a camo rubber cover, another uncovered reading "Autistic Non-verbal".  There are 2 bracelets (one on chain and one pink rubberized), both with small plastic squares with QR Codes on the front, and a small braided leather bit for a bracelet.
A sticker with a stick figure in bed reading, "Warning I'm overdue for a Nap," a keychain of a small corked glass bottle with tiny spoons in it, a row of green and yellow bookmarks with spoons and various sayings on them, a tee shirt with a girl clutching an armful of spoons, and a poster reading, "Keep Calm and Save Spoons."
A round pin with an illustrated brain surrounded by text tat reads, "hang on, I need to overthink about it," a rectangular pin that reads, "Don't Wait, Vaccinate", a decal of a bone with text reading, "It is going tibia okay," a decal with text reading, "Your Anxiety is lying to you," a teal shirt  with a circulardesig and text reading, "Wash your hands! Don't get murdered by germs!", a white hand holding a fan of smal zipperd pouches, a black tee with an llustration of lungs, a taco shaped sticker that reads, "Will trade medicl advice for tacos, and 2 white mugs.  One with a rainbow colored skull an the other of an stick figure tripping that reads, "Support your local orthpaedic team"
A sticker with a stick figure in bed reading, "Warning I'm overdue for a Nap," a keychain of a small corked glass bottle with tiny spoons in it, a row of green and yellow bookmarks with spoons and various sayings on them, a tee shirt with a girl clutching an armful of spoons, and a poster reading, "Keep Calm and Save Spoons."
Various pieces of jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and charms including a wide variety of colored ribbons.  One metal and jeweled bracelets with a metal band reading "Hope," a silver bracelet with multiple charms including 3 wonder woman themed charms, a pendant reading "F**k Lyme", and a set of bracelets with a rainbow ribbon.
2 beaded alphabet bracelets.  One reads Actually Autistic with pink beads, and th eother reads Spoonies with a heart on either end with red beads.  Below them is a white pin which reads ABA is NOT ok.  Next to the pin is a chewy stim bracelet in many colors, 2 chewy stim necklaces, one in the colors of the ace flag, and one in the colors of the pride flag.  There is also a chewy stim necklaces shaped like a microphone, and a small tin of slime with an alien in it.
Bracelets, Necklaces and Keychains with various awareness themes. Some include awareness ribbons.  The tags reference Lyme, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, MS and more, and there are personalized tags with initials and names on them as well.
beaded necklaces, bracelts and keychains with alphabet beads.  The keychain reads "Fibro Warrior," the other jewelry read, "Ausome," "Actually Autsitic," "Autism Punk," "Zebra Strong," "Stim On," "Cripple Punk", and 3 multicolored knit scarves.
a series of posters reading: "Spoonies Unite" in different colors, a coat of arms with a spoon and various medical equipment on it, 2 posters featuring amputees, a green poster with panda faces on it reading, "Chronic Painda", 2 posters with spoon designs on it, two metal spoons formed into pendants- one with a blue awareness ribbon in it, and one with a mermaid and blue beads, 2 awareness ribbon necklaces on beaded strands- one purple and one orange.
2 chunky chew necklaces in contrasting colors, a pink dinosaur shaped chew necklaces, a red shark shaped chew necklaces, a batch of marble mazes in different patterns, and 2 bubble/sensory squares in a red cows and hearts pattern, and a pokemon pikachu pattern.
16 small rund pins with various sayings on them ranging from awareness to attitude about illnesses, symptoms, and conditions
A set of 3 wood beaded bracelets with a spoon, a ribbon and other charms.  a purple shirt reading, "Drop it like its POTS," A cup with straw that shows a rainbow toned zebra.  A pair of socks with black feet and multicolored spoons around the tops.  A zippered black bag reading, "Chronically Strong," Two small rectangular pillows reading, "It's Naptime Somewhere..." and "Nap O'Clock."  Pink wristbands reading "Spoonie Strong," and 3 charms with different colored ribbon charms.
A variety of stim toys and jewelry including a jacob's ladder, plastic ball maze, chewable donut necklace, fidget figure 8 necklace, chewable unicorn, spinner dinosaur ring, rainbow weighted stress ball, watermelon shaped zipper bag, pink and purple colored sand-filled crab toy, koosh-style pencil toppers and 2 chewable bangles.
A range of medic-alert jewelry including rubber, fabric, metallic and plasti wristbands, a photo of a phone which shows the online interface, a keyfob and a pet tag.
A collection of products from the Unchargeables Shop.  A sticker saying that not every disability is invisible, a zippered pouch with a heart beat reading on it with spoons in the reading, a green tee with a priate symbol using spoons as the cross and a pink bow on the skull, a purple tote explaining the spoon theory, a hat that reads, "thinking... brain fog in progress", a purple tee with rosie the riveter figure stating "I'm a Chiari Warrior", and a mug with a battery symbol half-filled with spoons that reads, "Charging spoon supply".
11 1" Buttons of various colors.  Messags include, "Look a Me!" "Don't Look at Me!" "Spoonie," "Flae Up" "Invisible Diseases Are Real," "In the Fog," "Rights for the Disabled," "Self-care", "Horny fo Heating Pad," and "Cancelled Plans"
8 different pendant/key chains.  All are round but each has a different sentiment on it.  One reas, "Diabetics: the only people who take drugs to avoid getting high." An image of the silhouette of a german shephard with a heart on it, a tardis next to which reads, "Invisible Illness, bigger on the Inside,"  "Barely Functioning Human Being," "There's a 99% Chance I'm tired."  "Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come," "No More spoons, only knives left," "Ugh" and "I just want to hang out with my cat."
6 different buttons.  3 Pin style- one reading "Fatigue Fiasco", one reading, "Migraine Day", and one reading, "Pain Day" on a white card which reads, "Social Alert Button."  The other 3 pins are enamel style pins, one round which reads, "Sick Club," one triangle that reads, "Words Fail Me," and a long rectangular pin which reads, "Anxiety Alliance."
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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