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Post-Mastectomy Care and Supplies

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3 Cheetah printed seat belt cushions, a teal and white ice cushion usd 4 different ways, a rainbow floral u-shaped cushion and a set of fabric swatches
6 bras of varying styles and colors, 2 people of differing sizes- one in a bra and one in a front-closing post-surgical garment. a Row of 3 different swimsuit styles, 3 different styles of head wraps,a variety of breast forms, a drain bag, various tops, bottoms, and nightgowns for post-surgical wear.
4 Bras in different styles (2 showing the backs as well), A black per in  black bra, a white woman in a gray bra and underwear with a gray robe, putting a drain bulb in a matching drain belt.  2 pairs of lacy underwear, one red and black, one blue and white.
A column of different patterned v shaped pillows, a royal blue drain pouch, a white breast form, a chicken and bird haped checker patterned pillows, and a white belt with a pouch on each side for drains.
A column of fabric swatches next to 2 diferent patterned tank tops with button fronts
A rw of zip frot compression bras in different patterns and colors, a black lacy tank top, a batch of compression bras in various colors, anda black sleek robe
3 bras of different styles and colors, one bra and panty set in blue with green accents, and one showing the inside of one bra.
The top row shows tank tops, shirts, swimsuits, and compression tops.  The middle row shows a sports style bra, 3 different breast forms, and a 2 piece swimsuit.  The third row shows 4 different styles and colors of bras.
Drain Pouches in light purple, 3 different shades of bllue, a floral pattern, and a pink and brown striped pattern
a black and gray tee shirt with velcro closure at the top, a pink hello kitty sweatshirt with similar opening at top, a green dress with matching belt, a blue polo with side velcro opening, a gray sweatshirt with zippable openings on each sleeve, a green shirt with panda's face and the word SUPER, a lap apron in peach and green, and a pair of kahki shorts with top velcro closures.
3 tee shirts, one pink, one black, one gray with breast-cancer related messages, a white mug with the triple negative symbol on it, and a canvas bag reading Flat AF.  A person holding a poster that reads, "I'm too sexy for my hair", a light gray sweatshirt reading, "Now that we're aware, lets find a cure," and two tank tops, one black and one pink with breast cancer related messages.
2 sets of small square pillows, one in a blue pattern with pink hearts, and the oter in an abstract pattern with several color, a white mug with pink handle- it reads, "Five-Year Survivr", a 3rd set of small pillows in a rainbow batik pattern, a rainbow notebook, a purple cup with straw that has an awreness ribbon on front, and a soft 2-sided blanke with pink ribbons on one side and a soft pink fabric on the other
A white peson with a pink pouch round her waist, she's reaching in to lift out a drain, a small bunch of 3 pouches- pink, black and blue, an 2 mesh pouches for drains, one black with pink border and one flat black
several women's torsos modeling a tank top, 3 diferent swimsuits and a front-closing lacey bra, 2 sleek finished bras- one pink, one cream, and 3 more torsos modeling additional different styled bras.
2 Bundles, each with a blanket and 2 heart shaped pillows.  One set is pink and one green.  2 additional pillows- fronts in solid colors and backs with patterns, an a row of tee shirts with velcro front closures and patterned drain pockets sewn in
A white woman in 3 different white post-mastectomy bras and 2 additional bras, one white and one red striped pattern.
5 different sets of drain pouches in fun colors and patterns
Various square and small rectangular pillows, with and without ice pack inserts.  2 different post mastectomy pillows, one heart shaped, one u shaped with a tie at the top. 2 different seatbelt-attachable pillows, a drain pouch in floral fabric, and 2 different fidget blankets.
A wide range of clothing and bras/underwear.  Fun and flirty styles as well as practical.  Hair wraps for chemo patients, and breast form inserts.
Cute and flirty bra styles with front closures and other post-mastectomy accessible oepnings, 2 post-mastectomy friendl swimsuits (one bikini and one one-piece), an elegant looking brest form
A pillow with 2 U-shaped dips for pos-mastectomy patients in a colorful patten of blues greens and yellows.  A row of tee shirts accessible for post-surgical patients, a pink drain tie, a white woman using a check patterned pillow at home and the car to protect post-mastectomy, anda set of pillows in differen patterns and colors
A set of paisley patterened drain pouches laid flat with belt and layard, a mannequin showing drain pouches and lanyard in use, drain pouches with drains inside laid flat and open to show patterned interior, a person in pink wearing a black pillow looped through a seatbelt.
A variety of shrirts, dresses, and tanks in differnent styles. Some shown from the side to show velcro openings and closures.
5 v-shaped pillows with straps over the gaps, the pllows are in different patterns and colors.  There are 2 neutral colored rectangular pillows, one reads "Lean on Me" the other reads, "take heart"
An llustration of a whie woman in  pink tank top, over it she wears a gray long-sleeve shirt that is open to show a pink polka dotted drain pouch sewn in.  Next to her are various fabric swatches for the drain pocket.
9 different button downshirts in shot or long sleeves.  They're in different colors and most featue some kind of embroidery.
7 white bodies modeling various bras, camis and lingerie sets.  They come in various colors and styles.  There are also 4 soft chemo-caps
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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