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Splints, Braces, Slings and Supports

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6 white hands wearing plastic peach ring splints.  1 white hand wearing an opaque-white gel sleeve on the poitner finger, and 1 white hand wearing a gray splint for ulnar deviation.
A single white pointer finger bearing a silver finger splint and 9 other silver ring splints of varying configurations, including some with jewels.
Various cast and braces covered in different patterned fabrics, a boot topped with furr, a crutch with a special bag attached, and many fabric swatches of different colors and patterns.
2 diffferent boot cast covers, one flames on black and one rainbow, a knee brace cover in purples and blacks, a red and black elbow brace cover, a pink sling with cell phone pocket, and blue shor tan dlong length arm cast covers.  The bottom row of images has a walker with zebra print bag on front, a row of different colored canes, and one mint-green crutch.  Next to that a silk red and gold bag hangs from a forearm crutch, followed by a row of cruthes with coordinated pads and bags in a variety of patterns and colors.
5 white hands sporting different ring and thumb splints in silver.
A myriad of fingers wearing a range of silver and gold ring splints. There are several plain splints, some with gemstones, some with hearts or cat shapes, several thumb stabilizers and a variety of styles
3 empty slings, one with mnm's candy fabric, one purple with multicolor fluorescent dots, and one gray abstract pattern.  Next to them are 2 pairs of crutches. One has pads and covers in a black and white paisley pattern, and the other has batman symbols.
Various ring splints in different materials and colors.
A pointer finger wearing a criss-crossed gold ring splint, a hand with splayed fingertips wearing 3 different stylish ring splints, and a hand from the thumb side showing a thumb splint decorated with a greenish jewel.
a hand wearing a thumb-splint brace covered with photos of zebras, a cast-clad foot covered in a graphiti style decoration, and 8 fabric pattern swatches.
5 white individuals wearing slings and brace covers.  Two images include brace covers- one black and sequined, and one leopard print. The remaining 4 images are wearing slings.  One transluscent with multicolored paisley pattern, one white lacy pattern, one black lace pattern, and one zebra pattern.
3 boot cast covers on top- one black with skulls, one blue tie-dye, and one hot pink zebra print.  At bottom 6 arm cast/brace covers: one rianbow tie dye, one purple tie-dy, one camo, one abstract black and green, one pale green with seashells, and one black with white pawprints.
4 black arm/wrist braces whose velcro overstraps have been handpainted with designs. One has a harry potter theme, 1 with roses, and the 3rd and 4th with green, blue, and pink paisley.  A woman wears a harry-potter painted arm sling.
An arm sling that's black with pink trim and a "girlie" skull theme.  The sling has been embroidered with the name Marley.  Next to it is another sling worn over a pink shirt.  The sling is white with a lacy design that is partially see through. Below it are two smaller photos of empty slings- one leopard print with pink trim, and another with multi colored cartoon owls.
8 Different silver ring splints on a transparent background.
5 White hands, each wearing a wrist brace.  Each brace is a different color with different embellishments. One is purple, one green, one black, one yellow, and one multi-colored. They're embellished with beads, ribbon and fringe.
Across the top, 3 different fabric swatches: 2 Game of Thonres themed and one black and white paisley, on the bottom, 3 white bodies modeling slings in different patterns.  A pink and White emoji theme, a spiderman theme, and a lacy white sling.
Several white hands/fingers wearing a variety of silver ring splints.
Several white hands/fingers wearing a variety of silver ring splints.
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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