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Covers, Pouches, Pads and Accessories for Ostomy, Ileostomy, Colostomy, Trachs, G, J, Feeding Tubes & PICC Lines

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4 ostomy covers, one with multicolored arrows on a black background, one that looks like rows of lego bricks, one plain olive green, and one pink toned floral cover.
2 rows of trach pads, 3 on top and  4 on teh bottom in a variety of patterns.
5 trach ties in different patterns.  4 are patterned fabrics, and the 5th is a black fabric with rhinestones all around the outside.
3 Pairs of undies with wide lace tops, one in black with black lace, one with silky teal fabric and off-white lace, and one with black fabric adorned with multi-color hearts and pink lace.
A large set of fabric swatches, a blond, long haired woman modeling 2 different head wraps, 2 children modeling difrerently decorated picc-line covers, and a partial image of a perso modeling a pink and yellow paisley picc line cover
A photo of a range of ostomy covers in different sizes and fabrics.
Several different people modeling PICC line covers in differnt colors.  Some have sports logos, some are solid with viewable areas that allow access to the line.  3 people model clothes that have features to allow easy access to a chest port.
Various cast and braces covered in different patterned fabrics, a boot topped with furr, a crutch with a special bag attached, and many fabric swatches of different colors and patterns.
3 different hand-sewn cuffs designed to cove a picc line.  They are in different fabris and patterns, there is an image showing one of the cuffs folded on itself to show how it attaches, another photo of several color swatces, and 3 white arms wearing different covers- one green knit, one in a cow print, and one with whales
5 Ostomy covers, one with beareded heads, a red, a whtie with black flowers, one black, and one with a multicolor paisley pattern
2 rows of 10 total ostomy pouches in a variety of different fabrics.
2 rows of trach and tube pads in variying shapes and patterns.  Zebra stripes, hearts with tinkerbell, red and white polka dots, flower and rubber duck shapes.
3 G-Tube pads in decreasing sizes.  One is off-white with black and red design and red border stitching, one is a blue, white and silver chevron pattern, and the smallest is a pastel multicolor vertical striped pattern.
5 different ostomy covers in a variety of fabrics.  They are a pink camo, a blue with birds and butterflies, a space theme, black with multi-colored cartoony owls, and a cream color with branches and realistic bird illustrations in reds and browns.
A colum of 3 trach ties, one with sports equipment on it, one with pawprints, and one with pirate related imagery
2 g-tube blts in different colorful patterns, 5 g-tube clips in blue, red, white, green and brown, a set of feeding bag insulated covers, a weighted vest in a Minnie mouse print fabric, a g-tube belt in dinosaur print, a set of teal and white floral feeding tube covers, a fanned out selection of g-tube belt and pads in various fabrics, weighted blanket in a horse print with brown backing, and a pink cooling vest
A mix of 6 g tube/trach pads.  4 have mickey mouse themed patterns, and 2 are heart shaped with patriotic USA Flag themes.
Several bodies and arms modeling what appear to be short sleeves- meant to cover picc lines.  They appear in different patterns.  A person with their ar extended and the sleev inside out showing access to the picc line, a tee shirt reading "Doctors say I'm the Illest", and A person in a white shrirt with a black wrap around jacket, open to show a large item being stored in an iterior pocket.
2 batches of coordinated tube pads in a variety of colors and patterns.
4 Heart shaped ostomy covers, Red, light purple, black and pink with floral tops.
5 ostomy covers with varying themes and colors including sports teams, hearts, ninja turtles, sayings and embroidery.
Partial images of 2 models wearing panties (1 black and 1 pink), each is trimmed with lace at the top and an ostomy bag can be seen peeking out above the lace.
Partial images of 2 models wearing panties (1 black and 1 pink), each is trimmed with lace at the top and an ostomy bag can be seen peeking out above the lace.
Varius different sock-like itms with different fun, colorful designs made to cover children's picc lines.
A photo of 16 different fabric swatches labeled with letters A through Q.
A wide range of medical equipment sporting hand made fabric covers. Items include a wound-vac, cannula tubing, ostomy bags, face masks, a stethoscope, and drain tubing.  Additionally there are bags for wheelchairs and walkers, and bags for ostomy supplies and wound vacs.
5 ostomy covers in various fabrics and patterns including a teal terry cloth, pink with white lace overlay, black with cartoon dogs, blue with soccor balls and purple, gray, white and teal hearts.
2 sets of 4 trach ties in various patterns
5 tube pads in varying patterns.  On top are 3, one with a flame pattern, 1 with clownfish, and another with an abstract blue pattern.  The bottom two are 2 different blue patterns.
A row of clips, tubie pads, port covers, g-tube pads, clips and line covers in various fabrics including sports teams, camo, floral, candy wrappers, dinosaurs, horses and abstract patterns.
4 ostomy pouch covers: one with minions on it, one pink with white butterflies, one doctor who themed, and one marvel themed
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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