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Heating and Cooling

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3 Cheetah printed seat belt cushions, a teal and white ice cushion usd 4 different ways, a rainbow floral u-shaped cushion and a set of fabric swatches
Hot and cold packs in varying prints and patterns and sizes
A pillow and eye mask set in a ilky floral fabric, a red minky hot/cold neck wrap, one red silky and one cream soft eye masks, a long large body hot/cold pack, 2 silky eye pillows, a red minky neck pillow, and 4 small monster-stuffies that can be heated or cooled.
2 diffferent boot cast covers, one flames on black and one rainbow, a knee brace cover in purples and blacks, a red and black elbow brace cover, a pink sling with cell phone pocket, and blue shor tan dlong length arm cast covers.  The bottom row of images has a walker with zebra print bag on front, a row of different colored canes, and one mint-green crutch.  Next to that a silk red and gold bag hangs from a forearm crutch, followed by a row of cruthes with coordinated pads and bags in a variety of patterns and colors.
a circle made of square heat packs in different prints, 2 cherry pit massage bags, a set of fabric swatches, and a stack of long heat packs in different prints
6 heating pads with different fabric covers.  One blue with soccor balls, one black with multi-colored peace signs, one leopard print, one green and black plaid, one light blue with silver dots, and one gray with white dots
A computer keyboard with a wrist rest and mouspad rest in a fabric that has many different cameras on it, a neck heating wrap with owls on it, a set with a neck heating wrap and heading pad in coordinating fabrics, a pair of heating mittens, and a heatable wrist wrap.
Small Rectangular ice packs in a variety of different fabric covers
Heating pads in heart, cupake square and long rectangular shapes in a variety of fabrics
Heating pads in heart, cupake square and long rectangular shapes in a variety of fabrics
2 g-tube blts in different colorful patterns, 5 g-tube clips in blue, red, white, green and brown, a set of feeding bag insulated covers, a weighted vest in a Minnie mouse print fabric, a g-tube belt in dinosaur print, a set of teal and white floral feeding tube covers, a fanned out selection of g-tube belt and pads in various fabrics, weighted blanket in a horse print with brown backing, and a pink cooling vest
6 hot water bottle covers in different fabric/pattern combinations, and one showing the back and opening with a water bottle in it.
A desk set of wrist pads in orange tones, a long heat pad in a multi-color diamond pattern, A blue heating pad wrapped around a white person's elbow, a green heat pad wrapped around a white person's ankle, a pink and white heat pad for wearing over the eyes, a white person's wrist wrapped in a floral heat pad, and a v shaped row of various essential oil bottles.
8 tees of diferent colors.  They feature the following designs, "A rainbow pattern which reads 'Neurodivesity', Rainbow colored disabled symbol, a rainbow clored character wearing headphones, an orang tee with white print reading, "Loud Hand," a grey tee reading, "respect my existance or expect resistance,"A black tee with a disabled symbl in the colors of the trans flag, A blue tee reading, "Disabed is not a bad word," a black tee with rainbow disabled icon circled by text reading, "everytime I move my wheels, I start a revolution," 2 different heat packs in different fabric patterns, a row of 8 heating pads in a rainbow of colors, and various cloth and leather patches reading, "No Spoons Left, Fork You," "Nothing About us Without Us," "CripplePunk," "Chronic Illness Warrior," "Not Your Inspiration," and "Smash Ableism"
2 long thin microwavable heating pads in different fabrics, 2 small and 1 large heatable eye pillows, and 3 sets of small square hand warmers.
fabric pouches with ice and hot packs in them and various fabric swatches
5 Square fold-over flap ice pack covers in varying prints, a set of 6 different fabric samples, and 2 different heating pad covers.
Flannel patterned hot and cold packs.  At the top is a badge that reads- "For 10% off use cde PRETTYSICK"
A variety of heating and cooling pads: a pair of heatable slippers, a set of wrist pads for working on the computer, an eyemask shaped like devil ears, a segmented heating pad, a neck wrap with batman pattern, a flat over-eye mask, a heatable frog shaped pad, and a heatable bundle pad with flame pattern.
3 old-style rubber water bottles and 3 sets of bottle covers in varying prints, fabrics and patterns.
2 rows of hot/cold packs in different fabrics,  snowman decorated hot/cold pack surrouned by foliage and cherry pits, a long rectangular and square hot/cold pack, and a folded up stack of hot/cold packs next to a small basket of cherry pits
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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