At Summer's End...

And just like that, summer comes to a close. We certainly hope your summers were less stressful and flare-filled than ours, but we're realists so- CONGRATS for surviving! We know summer is especially difficult for our POTS and Dysautonomia folks and I know like us, you'll be glad for the coming of cooler temperatures.

In our world, SarahCate has battled some serious stress on the social security front- after thinking her appeal was up and running, she discovered the person she spoke to on-site lied and misled her about how to begin the process. As of just this week- that's now fixed and her appeal is officially logged, with a note to keep benefits coming during the process. We know a lot of you have to deal with this process, whether the struggle to get approved in the first place, or dealing with reviews and denials down the road- so we want to share the number one tip SarahCate learned this week: if you find your disability decision being reviewed (after having been on ssi for a while), always ask FIRST- what office your review was initiated by. Turns out part of the problem, the FIRST BIG problem was that when she went to try and begin the appeal, she was at the wrong location. Unfortunately- she wasn't told that, and it almost cost her everything.

Changing gears, we've added quite a few new shops this month, 4 or 5 yesterday alone! There's lots of new relatable gear to peruse, as well as new stuff in jewelry too! 3 of the new shops are featured for September so check that out below.

A lot of our new content plans got put on hold because of SarahCate's disability issues and massive pain/sensitivity flares. New things are still in the works- they've just been stalled. To that end, as always- we love your suggestions and recommendations so we've got 2 content calls for you:

1. Disabled/chronically ill makeup youtubers: Especially if their tips are geared towards others with chronic issues/disabilities. We WILL be doing a bath and beauty section at some point- so let us know who we should be featuring when we do!

2. Shops with good cannabis products: We want to add a cannabis section to the shops. That means places selling cbd edibles, oils, salves, lotions, soaps etc. Online sellers, as with the rest of our shops, and at least for now: ONLY CBD based products. We're not medical professionals, obviously, so we can't recommend products with THC for legality issues. But we know there are lots of places now online that sell and ship cbd-based products that folks in our community have found helpful.

For now, that's about all the news from us. As always- we're so grateful for your patience with us, and we hope those of you headed back to school have your accommodations met easily and without issue!



9 images of various crocheted wheelchair whee coves in a wide range of color combinations. One imge of a wheelchair with a spiral patterned cover on the wheel.


Greeting Cards for the Chronically Ill | Ships to US & CAN from Can | $4 CAD

A white tee shirt, black v neck and dark blue hoodie in a row.  Above is a black mug with white handle, and a white rectangular sticker.  They all hav a series of illustrated spoons in skin tones from almost white to fully black. Underneath the design is text reading, "Spoonies of Color"


Beaded Medic-Alert Necklaces

Ships to CAN & US from CAN | $4 CAD+

a silver bracelet with "your anxiety is lying to you" stamped on the inside, a copper ring stamped with "be nice," a heart haped sticker reading "spread love not hate," a samped silver pendant reading, "please do not touch me," a group of small round buttons in various colors all reading, "emergency spoon" with a cartoon spoon. A pair of small silver spoon dangle earrings. An art piece of a black person with short orange hair reading, "please don't touch me," and 7 pins of various colors and patterns. Messages include, "Hello I am non-verbal," "Hello I am not good in crowds," "Hello I am partially-sighted," "Representation Matters," "All Bodies are Good Bodies," "Self Care isn't Selfish," and "Hello I Am Injecting Insulin Not Illegal Drugs."


Wheelchair/Scooter Pads, Bibs, Walker Totes/Bags and more | Ships from US to US | $18+