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Clothing and Blankets

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A green kids hirt with a dinosaur on it, and a blue one wih a shark.  A pair of long green comfortable pairof pants with dinosaurs on the pockets.  A kids supersoft long sleeve shirt in light blue, a kne length skirt in dark gray with wide elastic waistband, a bright green long sleeved adult shrt, a navy shirt with gray long sleeves and a short sleeve grey tee shirt.
4 ostomy covers, one with multicolored arrows on a black background, one that looks like rows of lego bricks, one plain olive green, and one pink toned floral cover.
A zipper-top open sneaker, several shorts and pants for wheelchair users, a pink onesie, a green short jumpsuit that zips in the back, 2 bags for wheelchairs or walkers, a set of seatbelt/carseat pads, a row of multiple colors of drool-catching bandanas, a raincoat/poncho for wheelchair users, a pair of no pick mittens with sylester and tweety on them, a pair of zip-up soft pink shoes, a hooded pink scarf, a zippered-front one-piece bathing suit ad a plastic water bottle with a straw.
A hot/cold pad in an ice-cream pattern, a weighted lap pad with an anchor pattern, a fabric figet toy, a curved black cat shaped lap pad, a hand-sewn teddy bear with only 1 leg, a blue kids t-shirt with hidden magnetic closures, a pair of seam-free red fabric baby shoes, a very colorful seamless kids vet, and a denim colored button down shirt with visible buttons and hidden magnetic closures.
Several different people modeling PICC line covers in differnt colors.  Some have sports logos, some are solid with viewable areas that allow access to the line.  3 people model clothes that have features to allow easy access to a chest port.
3 rows of tee, tank, and sweatshirts with a diverse populatio of races and genders representing a variety of disabilities and mobilty equiment. There is also a tote bag, pillow, and sticker.
a black and gray tee shirt with velcro closure at the top, a pink hello kitty sweatshirt with similar opening at top, a green dress with matching belt, a blue polo with side velcro opening, a gray sweatshirt with zippable openings on each sleeve, a green shirt with panda's face and the word SUPER, a lap apron in peach and green, and a pair of kahki shorts with top velcro closures.
3 tee shirts, one pink, one black, one gray with breast-cancer related messages, a white mug with the triple negative symbol on it, and a canvas bag reading Flat AF.  A person holding a poster that reads, "I'm too sexy for my hair", a light gray sweatshirt reading, "Now that we're aware, lets find a cure," and two tank tops, one black and one pink with breast cancer related messages.
Tees, stickers and mugs with EDS related messages. Including, "Blessed be the flxible, for they shall not be bent out of shape," "Disability Rights are Human Rights," "Zeba Strong" "Straight Outta Collagen," an others.
Super Stretchy fabric used as a bed sheet, body sock, and hammok
3 white wrist bands reading "Invisible Illness," 4 nasal cannula in green, yellow, pink, and blue, 4 plastic wristbands reading "Spoonie Sisters", the bands are black, green, purple and blue., A turquoise shirt reading, "Chronic Pain Warrior", a wrist wearing 3 different bracelets with metal central pieces, each has a different colored cord and the centers have coordinating black, green and purple ribbons etched in them, and a purple long sleeve shirt reading, "Queen of Napzzz"
Stickers, Tees, Prints, buttons and mugs with various feminist and self-care phrases on them.  "I am Fearless," "Take Courage," "Recovery Takes Time," Bodily Autonomy: not just for the wealthy," Not ever Disability is Visible," "I have no patience for your ableism," "Joy is a form of resistance," Healthcare is a basic human right," "Practice Radical Self Love," "Respect Existence or Expect Resistance"
An enamel pin with zelda-style life hearts with one and a half filled and the other empty, A button reading, "Fight Like a Girl.",  A patch shaped like a party hat reading, "Too Tired to Party," A black tee with rainbow text reading, "I got dressed today.," A sticker shaped like a pin-on medal that reads, "Coping Admirably," a Patch also shaped like a medal that reads, "Fighting Invisible Battles,", and an enamel pin shaped like a turtle that reads, "Slow Runners Club"
3 people in different t-shirts.  One person with long hair in a wheelchair who is wearing a shrit that looks like a name tag reading, "Hello, My name is Chronically Ill Badass", the 2nd person is standing in a black off-the-shoulder tee which reads, "Trust your Dopeness," and the third is seated in a tee that reads, "Chronically Dope." At the far right is a person's torso wearing a tee that reads, "Walk with a Twist.  To the left are 2 different wrists wearing metal and rubber bracelets that read, "Girls Chronically Rock."
a walker bag in red and blues, a wheelchair bag made of denim jeans, a wheelchair armrest bag in abstract blues and tan colors, a weighted blanket in purple tones, a wheelchair arm rest bag in blue and white patterns, and a weighted lap blanket with tractors on it.
A set of padded crutch pads with matching bag, a bubble quilt in an american flag pattern, and a quilted bubble chair pad
Various embroidered products with spoonie and illness themes.  Hooped embroidery reading "Spoonie", "Pajamas all day", and "Rest Your Bones", a necklace with an embroidered semicolon, a zippered bag embroidered with "Happy Pills!", and a small cardboard box with various self-care goodies, and a pair of white undies embroidered with "I am enough" on the front.
a pair of clay earrings with turquoise colored circles from which dangle purle triangles.  A back sleeved white t shirt with a hand giving the thumbs up which reads, "Not Dead Yet", a bone can be seen sticking out the wrist.  A black tee with a black and white mouth holding a pill on its tongue. Text reads, "Sick Girl." Stickers with the 2 t-shirt deigngs on them, plus another blue purple pink gradiant hand with an eye in the palm that reads, "hyprnrml". A small pin in the "sick girl" design. A silver ring with pointed crystal formations on top.  A brass pendant in the shape of a crystal.
An art print of a whale with the tail fin formed by an asl hand sign, a sign readng My Father My Hero with the words MY in asl hand forms, 3 tees wih asl hnd letters that read, "Certified Queen," "Let that Shit Go" and "Zero F**ks Given"
stuffed organ plushes, pants, socks, posters and bags with illustrated organs on them
A range of kids, tweens and teen wearin adaptive clothing including shirts that fit front and back, reversible dresses,seamless skirts and top, seamless sports bras, multi-fit socks and various super soft pants.
6 views of various patient clothes showing their features. The pieces are navy, gray or pink with back openings, snaps to lift stomach sections, ties, openings fo tubes and snaps at the shoulders.
4 peopl wearing, t shirts, hoodies and pants that have zippered access areas to make IV and port access easier. Colors shown are dark gray, light blue and pink, all with black accents
8 individuals of varying ethnicities and abilities.  They are wearing shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and suits designed to be worn with various mobility aids.
2 g-tube blts in different colorful patterns, 5 g-tube clips in blue, red, white, green and brown, a set of feeding bag insulated covers, a weighted vest in a Minnie mouse print fabric, a g-tube belt in dinosaur print, a set of teal and white floral feeding tube covers, a fanned out selection of g-tube belt and pads in various fabrics, weighted blanket in a horse print with brown backing, and a pink cooling vest
Several tee shirt with superheo logos represented by hands forming ASL.
a range of children's clothes including shirts with animal appliques that allow for feeding tube access, weighted vests, a row of different feeding/g-tube pads, a set of soft stretchy pants, sensory-friendly tank tops, breatheable tops, swimsuits, and a stretchy body stocking, and weighted bundles designed to look cute with faces.
Love Bili NYC.png
3 capes on manequins, one a red, black and green plaid, one black and white plaid and one blue and white floral pattern.
The back windshield of a vehice with a green and white decal reading, "Lyme Warrior", A white tee with green sleeves reading, "Chronically Awesome," An orange tee with yellow lighning bolt and black text reading, "I fight Lyme Disease, what's your super power?", a white tile bracelet with black cord reading, "Never Give Up," the back of a gra tee readin, "LW Lyme Warrior," a foppy kids book titled "William and the Tick Invasion," 3 plastic wristbands and 3 black button reading, "LW Lyme Warrior" and "F*ck Lyme," A black baseballcap with "LW Lyme Warrior," the back of a black tee with a lage green no symbol over a list of lyme symptoms to indicate they are not a choice.
8 different button up shirts for men, women children.  Each looks like astandard buttonu, but 2 show that the buttons actualy fasten magetically. 3 ties already tied in different patterns, and 2 pairs of mens pants, one khaki and one dark blue.  An inset shows the pant closure is also magnetic.
A row of fabric swatches in various colors and patterns.  3 styrofoam hads with dfferent style wrap caps, a cpap hose covered in a soft green fabric, a crutch with padding featuring a colorful cartoon horse, a styrofoam had wearing a cpap mask that has a zebra print fabric covering the side piece, a crutch bearing a tie-on bag, a cane wrapped in a foral green cane cozy, and a rollator with seat and front bar covered in a pink and purple patterned fabric
5 short sleeve tee shirts in blue, purple black, maroon and navy. They have colorful messages including: 'Viciously alive," "Fuck you, I will thrive," "Alive with the power of spite," "I lived bitch," "Quest for my last spoon," and a black tee with an active, molotov coctail carrying disaility symbol with "make it accessible or burn it down" written in the wheel. A white poster with rainbow print reading, "Queer Kids Need Queer Media," a round button with a drawing of an open mouth, inside it reads, "I hope your god forgives you because we will not," and a pair of red and black socks with a skull on them. From the top of the skull, a tree grows. Text reads, "ever hopeful."
8 tees of diferent colors.  They feature the following designs, "A rainbow pattern which reads 'Neurodivesity', Rainbow colored disabled symbol, a rainbow clored character wearing headphones, an orang tee with white print reading, "Loud Hand," a grey tee reading, "respect my existance or expect resistance,"A black tee with a disabled symbl in the colors of the trans flag, A blue tee reading, "Disabed is not a bad word," a black tee with rainbow disabled icon circled by text reading, "everytime I move my wheels, I start a revolution," 2 different heat packs in different fabric patterns, a row of 8 heating pads in a rainbow of colors, and various cloth and leather patches reading, "No Spoons Left, Fork You," "Nothing About us Without Us," "CripplePunk," "Chronic Illness Warrior," "Not Your Inspiration," and "Smash Ableism"
A round pin with an illustrated brain surrounded by text tat reads, "hang on, I need to overthink about it," a rectangular pin that reads, "Don't Wait, Vaccinate", a decal of a bone with text reading, "It is going tibia okay," a decal with text reading, "Your Anxiety is lying to you," a teal shirt  with a circulardesig and text reading, "Wash your hands! Don't get murdered by germs!", a white hand holding a fan of smal zipperd pouches, a black tee with an llustration of lungs, a taco shaped sticker that reads, "Will trade medicl advice for tacos, and 2 white mugs.  One with a rainbow colored skull an the other of an stick figure tripping that reads, "Support your local orthpaedic team"
A brown-skinned prson in a wheechair wearing a blue plastic dress over a yellow top, with pink sparkling leggings that cover their feet, a wite-skinned arm wearing a black textured brace cover, a leg and footwith nly2 toes wearing a custom made teal stockin, a person putting on a wood-grain patternd chest binder, and a person in a skirt with a prostethic leg coveed with a stocking in mutliple bright colors and patterns.
beaded necklaces, bracelts and keychains with alphabet beads.  The keychain reads "Fibro Warrior," the other jewelry read, "Ausome," "Actually Autsitic," "Autism Punk," "Zebra Strong," "Stim On," "Cripple Punk", and 3 multicolored knit scarves.
2 chunky chew necklaces in contrasting colors, a pink dinosaur shaped chew necklaces, a red shark shaped chew necklaces, a batch of marble mazes in different patterns, and 2 bubble/sensory squares in a red cows and hearts pattern, and a pokemon pikachu pattern.
Shirts of varying fabrics, patterns, and sleeve lengths.  2 nightshirts, a long sleeve shirt, 3/4 sleeve shirt, tank top, a tied in front blue plaid cape, and a camo shirt shown open to reveal velcro at the shoulders.  Also a small drain pouch in a cat and floral print.
A color cart with 16 color options, a folded but empty weighted blanket, 2 sweatshirts- one featurin a small red cat with neurdivergent infinity symbol bow-tie, and one reading, "Changeling Pride," a long rainbow colored weigted blanket, and a blue floral weighted lap blanket.
Along the top is a photo of a black woman in a black tee and white panties which fasten at the side. Below are the lower bodies of 3 white women wearing 3 different varieties of panties al with side closures.
2 Rows of fabric and blanket samples in varius patterns and colors
A white tee sirt, black v neck and dark blue hoodie in a row.  Above is a black mug with white handle, and a white rectangular sticker.  They all hav a series of illustrated spoons in skin tones from almost white to fully black. Underneath the design is text reading, "Spoonies of Color"
A set of 3 wood beaded bracelets with a spoon, a ribbon and other charms.  a purple shirt reading, "Drop it like its POTS," A cup with straw that shows a rainbow toned zebra.  A pair of socks with black feet and multicolored spoons around the tops.  A zippered black bag reading, "Chronically Strong," Two small rectangular pillows reading, "It's Naptime Somewhere..." and "Nap O'Clock."  Pink wristbands reading "Spoonie Strong," and 3 charms with different colored ribbon charms.
Various shirts and mugs with phrases on them.  A green sweatshirt reading, "Celiac Disease is not a choice." A brown sweatshirt reading, "I Rock my NG Tube!", a white tee reading, "Caution! High pain levels ahead.", "An Organ Donor Saved my Life", A pink tee reading, "Yes I have a feeding Tube, Yes my mom has already tried that, No she doesn't want your advice.", A blue long sleeve tee reading, "Put Food here" with an arrow pointing to an outline of a feeding tube port.  A mug reading, "POTS Warrior." and a mug reading, "Chiari Malformation is such a pain in the neck!"
Varius stickers, phone cases, tops, pillows, bags and mugs featuring a range of suprheroes and other icons illustrated to form the classic "handicap" symbol.
A collection of products from the Unchargeables Shop.  A sticker saying that not every disability is invisible, a zippered pouch with a heart beat reading on it with spoons in the reading, a green tee with a priate symbol using spoons as the cross and a pink bow on the skull, a purple tote explaining the spoon theory, a hat that reads, "thinking... brain fog in progress", a purple tee with rosie the riveter figure stating "I'm a Chiari Warrior", and a mug with a battery symbol half-filled with spoons that reads, "Charging spoon supply".
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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