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Wheelchairs, Crutches, Canes and Walkers: if it helps you move, we want to help you deck it out.

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A crutch with a knitted bag attached, a cane head with a knitted cover, and the top of a crutch with a knitted pad.
5 prosthetic legs with detailed custom-designed artistic cover pieces, 2 prosthetc arm pieces with similarly designed covers
6 wood hand made walking sticks with hand painted watercolor designs.
3 black-handled canes each with a different cover over the stem.  One cover is floral and beaded, one has multi-coloroed dots, and one has a zebra print.
3 rows of various canes,crutche, walkers and cane heads.  There is a wide variety of colors,styles and finishes shown.
2 diffferent boot cast covers, one flames on black and one rainbow, a knee brace cover in purples and blacks, a red and black elbow brace cover, a pink sling with cell phone pocket, and blue shor tan dlong length arm cast covers.  The bottom row of images has a walker with zebra print bag on front, a row of different colored canes, and one mint-green crutch.  Next to that a silk red and gold bag hangs from a forearm crutch, followed by a row of cruthes with coordinated pads and bags in a variety of patterns and colors.
A rearview camera, notepad/clipboard, usb adapter and 2 different tablet/phone holdes for wheelchairs
2 wheelchairs with different armrest covers, one which has a matching armrest bag on the side.  A green wheelchair blanket in a quilted fabric with a wide pocket in the front.
A wheelchair with a spoke guard that looks like a close up photograph of a leaf, with 3 other spoke guards in a blue abstract, as a soccor ball and another featuring a galaxy theme.
3 small round keychain pill cases in different designs, a crutch with pink arrow decals wrapped around the posts, a walker decked with colorful zebra hand cushion and matching bag, a cruch with a sticker reading "Discover" wrapped on it, a set of crutches with blue abstract pads and matching bag, a leaopard print boot cover, a rollator with matching green toned backrest pad and seat pad, and a Walker with pink abstract hand-cushions.
4 forearm crutches wrapped in various fabrics and patterns.  2 canes similarly covered, and a closeup showing the velcro closures at the bottom.
A pair of crutches with Eagles Football themed pads, an adult bib in black and yellow circular pattern, a walker with a Phillies themed bag on teh front, and a pair of crutches with red plaid pads.
A range of canes and cane heads in varying colors and styles. Including a folding cane for the visually impaired.
12 folded swatches of a wide variety of patterned fabrics above 2 different patterned walker bags.
A variety of canes, folded and unfolded and a 3-legged portable folding chair.  They're in a variety of patterns including stained glass, cats, floral, and with different handles.
A partial image of a person in a wheelchair, on one of the leg bars is an attached cup holder with a coffee up in it.  Next to itis a close up of the same cup holder, with a white person's hand reaching for the cup.  Above are 3 bags- one black, shown open to illustrate the pockets and compartments, and the same bag closed- one in pink and one in orange.
3 Power wheechairs, 2 open 1 folded.  Across the top are color swatches showing the available colors for the chairs.
A pair of special gloves designed for use with manual wheelchairs. The glove base are all tan but there are 7 different border colors in the image.
5 surgical masks in different color and patterns. The one on the far left has a filter in it. Below are 4 walker bags in different colors, patterns, and sizes
a walker bag in red and blues, a wheelchair bag made of denim jeans, a wheelchair armrest bag in abstract blues and tan colors, a weighted blanket in purple tones, a wheelchair arm rest bag in blue and white patterns, and a weighted lap blanket with tractors on it.
A set of padded crutch pads with matching bag, a bubble quilt in an american flag pattern, and a quilted bubble chair pad
A rollator, a power scooter and a transfer chair each adorned by a different colorful bag.
3 sets of patterned crutch pads: a black and gray pattern, red with white dots, and a SF Giants pattern, as well as 2 crutches with pads- one with hot air balloons in pinkish tones, and another star wars themed.
a pink zippered cover open to reveal a purple 7-day pill case, an organizing bag that hangs from a bed, a power chair with an organizing bag which rests over the seat, a walker with a black and white printed bag hanging from the front, and a wheelchair with a bag that sits over the armrest.
A photo of 5 spoke covers in 5 different patterns.  One is multicolored abstract stripes, one rainbow colored henna, one resembling a donut with sprinkles, one with women's faces in varying ethnicities and one with whales swimming
3 messenger style bags in differet patterns.
8 different bags designed to hang from a walker, or the back or side arm of a wheelchair or powerchair.  Each bag is in a different fabric pattern.
A row of fabric swatches in various colors and patterns.  3 styrofoam hads with dfferent style wrap caps, a cpap hose covered in a soft green fabric, a crutch with padding featuring a colorful cartoon horse, a styrofoam had wearing a cpap mask that has a zebra print fabric covering the side piece, a crutch bearing a tie-on bag, a cane wrapped in a foral green cane cozy, and a rollator with seat and front bar covered in a pink and purple patterned fabric
A walker with a fabric bag patterned with small scotty dogs, a set of crutch pads with rainbow peace signs, an oxygen tank and tote bag, and a set of crutches with tiger striped pads.
Photo of a stack of various cushion covers including camo, leopard, pinup girls, rainbow and one with words.
A wide range of medical equipment sporting hand made fabric covers. Items include a wound-vac, cannula tubing, ostomy bags, face masks, a stethoscope, and drain tubing.  Additionally there are bags for wheelchairs and walkers, and bags for ostomy supplies and wound vacs.
5 different ostomy covers in a variety of fabrics.  They are a pink camo, a blue with birds and butterflies, a space theme, black with multi-colored cartoony owls, and a cream color with branches and realistic bird illustrations in reds and browns.
A wheelchair costumed with a flying unicorn, another costumed with a pirate ship, and 2 small panel decorations: a smiling reen slime character and a heart with musical notes in it.
A set of forearm crutches with pink padding on the handles, 2 sets of crutch handle pads, one spiderman print and one with unicors.  3 crutches with matching pockets and handle pads in various patterns. 2 walker frames with matching bags and handle pads one owl printed and one with small flowers.
6 custom built wheelchairs in varying colors and styles
A rollator with a patterned fabric seat and back cover.  The fabric is patterned with teacups.  5 other fabric samples include mnms, a country scene, Unviersity of Georgia logos, poppies, and cubs logos.
A wheelchair decorated with zebra striped patterns and a walker decorated with sports equipment
11 fanned out Smart Crutches in a rainbow of colors, and two in front in zebra pattern.
4 sets of wheelchair spoke guards decorated with different vinyl stickers.  The top sets feature a white rabbit rabbit and the captain america shield respectively.  The bottom sets feature the British flag, and racing wheel hubcaps.
A black wheelchair with a pink patterned full chair cushion, a dot-patterned cane with foldable stool seat, a purple folded cane, Feet and wrists in patterned bandage wraps, and a row of legs in a variety of patterned compression socks
Folded canes in a variety of patterns and colors with curved handles marked with the "switch sticks" logo.
2 crutches with patterned fabric bags hanging from the hand holds, a walker with a fabric bag, and 2 zippered pouches with epi-pens in them.
9 imagesof various crocheted wheelchair whee coves in a wide range of color combinations. One imge of a wheelchair with a spiral patterned cover on the wheel.
3 wheelchairs decorated with costumes, one for an ice queen, one as a ladybug, and a third as a pirate ship.  All 3 costumes are built around a wheelchair.
PLEASE NOTE: With the Exception of SarahCate Creations (which is owned and operated by SarahCate), and The PrettySick Supply Shop, the shops featured on this site are all independent from the creators of PrettySickSupply.  We don't sell the products ourselves, but merely provide links to sellers who create and provide products for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Please address concerns with specific orders or shops back to the shop in question.  If you have found a shop that is NOT reliable- please don't hesitate to let us know, and we will remove them from our listings accordingly.
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