June is Busting Out All Over!

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Hello Pretties! Here in Texas we went from winter through 2 days of spring and now we're expecting it to hit something like 108 degrees F this week. (yuck).

But we managed to survive May and we have some really exciting stuff to tell you about!

The first is that after a few months of running the Teespring, we realized the options there were just too limited. So, we've done a lot of work and shifted to our very own storefront on Storenvy! All of your favorite snarky designs are there, and a few new and re-designed pieces too. And now, we're able to offer more sizes, more styles, more colors and more... STUFF. We'll be adding more new designs, and expanding color options for things like pillows and phone cases soon too, so if you want a design on a certain color background- let us know and we'll jump right on it! To check out all of our snarky anti-ableist brilliance- visit the new store at: PrettySick Supply Shop.

Now that that's done and launched we're planning ahead for two more new BIG projects... think along the lines of the new Apps section- that kind of big. The longer-term plan is to add another new section to the site specifically for "Bath & Beauty." We'll share links to spoonie-friendly bath and beauty products, feature disabled youtube beauty bloggers, and try to find makeup tips and products specifically for our community. We thought about just adding a new shop category but really- we've decided the better plan is to put more time into it and create a whole new section.

We're not sure how long it will take to build the section, we HOPE to have it running at least in a skeletal fashion by the fall, but as always- that will depend a lot on pain levels, life, and other issues. In the meantime, if you know of or are a disabled/chronically ill beauty vlogger- PLEASE send us links! We'll bookmark them and share your videos/channels/tips/articles in the new section.

The second big announcement is a collaboration with friend of PSS- Shay. Shay is an accessibility consultant/activist and came to us with a BRILLIANT idea for some real world activism that can also tie in here on the site. Over the next few weeks SarahCate and Shay will be working on designing a card (think... business or index card size) that can be handed out to able-bodied people when they ... "try" to help us out in the world. These cards will be especially useful in situations where you don't have the emotional energy to educate on the spot, but still need to explain to someone WHY their help wasn't needed, or maybe even... was downright harmful.

And, after the internet meme of some fame, we're calling it- the Gold Star Campaign. As in all those great spoonie versions of the 'You Tried" gold star meme! The cards will be friendly but firm, and they'll all have a link back to another new section on the site where we'll share expanded tips for assisting disabled folks, and create an education space around the concept of consent. As we develop the cards and the section, we'll share updates, but our goal is to have sample cards ready and in Shay's Canadian hands by mid-June to present at a conference they're speaking at. :Fingers Crossed:

Shortly after that, we'll open the new section of the site, and start building it out in earnest- adding tips for helping folks with specific challenges (For example, helping Blind/VI individuals, D/deaf/HOH Individuals, Wheelchair Users, etc.etc). We'll also be building a basic glossary to educate able-bodied folks about common terms we use amongst ourselves everyday. Everything from CFS/ME to EDS to Hypermobility to POTS to Spoonies... we thinks it's time that there was a place where the well-meaning helpers in the world could go to really learn about the best ways to interact with and assist the disabled and chronically ill that they encounter- be it out in the world or even... among their own family and friends. (As always, we 100% welcome your input in this new section. So start taking note of all the ways you wish people would help or.. not help when you're stuck out in public just... existing as a disabled person)

Ultimately we'll be developing the cards so they can also be ordered in volume through our shop. You can keep them on hand to hand out for those times when people just... INSIST on helping... even after you've said no. Think of them as an instant education without the emotional labor. And, since we've had request for it, we'll also be creating cards from some of our existing designs too- similarly sized that can be handed out as desired too. Wouldn't you like to have the "Consideration Checklist" on a business card to hand to your nosy Aunt Fran who keeps insisting you should try essential oils to CURE your fibro? Well, you'll be able to soon enough!

For now, that's about all the site news on our end. But to be fair- it's A LOT.

In the world of social media though, we want to send a special thank you out to the incredible Carly Findlay! Carly is a huge figure in the disability/appearance activism world branching from her home in Australia. A couple weeks ago she ordered one of our cushions from teespring, and was kind enough to share the experience on her instagram. Well, her pillows arrived and this past week she shared our shop and site on all of her social media accounts and brought us a HUGE influx of attention- for which we just could not be more grateful. Site hits went up 4fold, and it was perfectly timed as we launched the new store.

Frankly, the two of us here have been fangirling out ever since it happened and we're so grateful for the plug of both our designs and the site itself. It's always our goal to get as many folks in the community to see PrettySick Supply as possible, and use the resources that we work to collect.

And that's the news around here. We hope May was kind to you all, and that June isn't too dreadful either. We know a lot of our folks (especially our Potsies) have a really difficult time with the heat, so we're praying for lots of temperate weather for you all. Happy Summer Ya'll!




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