3 Day Fall...

What can I say, we had a lovely fall here in Texas- all 3 days of it. Now the temperatures have dropped dramatically and that means I'm spending a lot of time in compression gloves and attempting to gather some spoons under the covers.

The truth is, I know a lot of folks in a lot of places have it A LOT worse. Before October was even over, many places in the US had significant snowfall already. All I can do is hope that snow misses us here in Texas again this year, but who knows. It's a little early for us to be this cold, so for the time being my focus is on survival and keeping up with daily chores and animal care. Which, sometimes, that's all you can do!

Because this officially marks the start of "holiday season" we've added our seasonal designs back in our own shop, so get yourself in the holiday spirit (or let people know that you're not!) with spoonie-themed shirts, bags, mugs, and more, or share your favorites to give the people that love you a hint to your wishlist!

Shop these and other designs (for now!) at our storenvy shop!

We're also going to work on building our own store right here into the website! Our printer just integrated with wix, so this weekend SarahCate will buckle down and building our new store.. right here on site! We know when you come to PSS you're already planning on clicking out, so adding another stop just to get great gear and support the project is an extra annoyance (and easily forgotten!) so we're excited to be able to offer all the great stuff WE'RE making, without adding an extra click-out to your visit. It may take some time to get it all put together, but our goal is to have our seasonal designs up and ready right here on Prettysicksupply.com by the end of the weekend.

We have a lot of plans for the new year too, but more on that in coming updates!

Whether your part of the world is transitioning from Fall to Winter, or Spring to Summer, or just hanging out in climate limbo... may your joints and nerves and bones and other painful bits give you some peace- we're certainly hoping that ours will.



Pimp Your Pump

Insulin Pump Pouches & Diabetic accessories | Ships Worldwide from UK | $1+

My S-Cap

Crutch Pads, Oxygen Totes, Stethoscope Covers and More | Ships Worldwide from US | $6+

Self-Care Reminders

Shirts, Sweats and Totes with Self-Care Positive Messages | Ships Worldwide from US | $20+



Normally, each month, we feature 1-3 fundraising campaigns. We like to share these links so that visitors who have the means know where need may be and can help folks in our community who are trying to get access to care or equipment they otherwise can't afford. Because there are so many folks needing help right now, we're going to start sharing a few campaigns a month- in hopes that we can help spread the love as widely as possible. If you are able, please consider donating to one of these fundraising campaign to help those who need it.

*A note. Because our October update was so late, we're leaving last month's fundraisers up for another month.*


Medical Debt Relief for Chelsea

Starting in early 2018, I became unable to work as an Early Childhood Educator. Since then, my health has been a bit of a rollercoaster, including a diagnosis of Severe Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and a Double Coronary Artery Bypass Graft open heart surgery. These are not the only ailments I am combating however; I also have: difficult to manage Type One Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, among other more minor problems.

All of this has been challenging, but with the support of my family and friends I have been able to cope emotionally. Finances are a bit of a mess, on the other hand. With $9000 of deductibles in 2 years, travel to get diagnosed, and basic living expenses, I have accumulated a large amount of debt. While I have housing and insurance thanks to my family's generosity, my credit card is close to maxed out at over $10,000.

I will be looking for part time work very soon, but will probably only make minimum wages as an entry level admin. With the amount of debt I have accrued, I am not sure I will ever be able to climb out of this hole alone. If you have means to help and feel compelled to do so, I would be eternally grateful. If you have limited resources and know of someone who needs it more, please give to them. Sharing is also very helpful.


*Please note, this link goes directly to the preferred paypal page to donate.*


My World Turned Upside Down

I was diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers danlos syndrome, dysautonomia, and general chronic pain. Lost my job, found out I need hearing aids, got a wheelchair of my own but no way to take it anywhere. Looking for work desperately but I don't have enough job background between mental and physical disabilities. Basically I'm out of a job and have been for months without luck. Hubby works his ass off and when he's not working he's doing postmates to help get everything he can, meaning barely any time with our kiddo. I need hearing aids and they average on the cheap end at $3,000 per ear, I need help getting an accessible vehicle so I can get to/from work with my wheelchair so I'm safe. I need help with getting something to track my heart rate 24/7.  Any little bit will be very appreciated. 



Service Dog Fund

Hi! I’m Mae, I’m 22 years old, I’m a hairstylist, and I’m physically disabled. I’ve found an AMAZING opportunity to get a service dog prospect that I just can’t pass up. My intention has been to pay for my dog entirely by busting my ass and getting as many clients as possible into every day, but friends from out of town wanted a way to help, so I set this up.



Need Help with Top Surgery

Im Andrew. I’m 33 years old and I’m transgender.

it took me 32 years to finally release those words from my mouth and make the reality of everything I’ve felt since I was a very young child. At the age of 4 I knew something was different about me. I honestly had thought that I was put into the wrong body. Which now I am able to understand as an adult. I can remember very specific times where I had wished that my body would change and I would be the boy I wanted to be and as I approached puberty I knew I hated everything about myself. I battled with suicidal thoughts for many years. Being bullied, not having many friends, being the girl that looked like a boy. So many things. I tried coming out when I was 25 once hormone replacement therapy first started to be introduced. I knew I wanted to do it but was beyond petrified of rejection not just from family but friends as well. So I decided not to say anything or do anything about it at that point.

I had tried to talk about it in relationships and was told I’d be left. I was convinced that I would just have to live my life in the internal misery I was in. It wasn’t until just over a year ago that I had someone by my side that saw me for who I truly was before I even let the words leave my mouth. Now she’s my wife. She supported me in getting health insurance, finding the drs I needed to get the ball rolling, finally letting myself be free. I was overwhelmed with support from friends and family. Now I’m over a year into my transition and anyone who knows me can say that this is the happiest and most comfortable I have ever been in my life.

The main battle I struggle with now is dysphoria mainly when it comes to my chest. Unfortunately health insurance doesn’t look at dysphoria and top surgery as a need but more as a want. I have to fight myself when I get into the shower. It’s mentally taxing and emotionally taxing. I have had a consult with a highly recommended surgeon but like I said my insurance doesn’t cover it because of the medical code that is used. Not having the surgery can lead to complications down the road as well. I feel horrible even asking for help but I’m running out of options. I plan I’m saving myself as well as this is just the cost of the surgery and not the time missed from work or hotel stay in south Florida for a week for a post op follow up. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps and it will change my life forever.



If you can't contribute, please consider sharing any of our featured campaigns on your social media! Someone you know may be looking for a way to give back and could make a huge difference in someone's life! You can also look at previous blog entries to see if other featured campaigns are still in need of help!

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