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Back to School...

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

September has arrived, with gusto! Many of our pretties have headed back to school, either as teachers or students and we send with you all the spoons and good energy we can. If you need to gear up your body to battle with the education system, hopefully we can help. We haven't added a lot of new shops in August, SC- who does the hunting and adding has been sidelined most of the month working on a family project, but should soon be back looking for and adding resources at the same fevered pitch you'd grown accustomed to in our first month. Coming up as soon as we can do it, well also be recording a video to talk about our fundraising goals. See, we want to take PrettySick Supply from strictly... internet word of mouth, to actual patients' hands. We'll be designing postcards/rack-cards to mail out to Doctors' Offices and Specialty Clinics all over the country. So that we can reach new patients in new ways- an spread the joy that is pretty medical and mobility gear. How amazing would it be, as a new patient to not just get a diagnosis, but also a resources right from the start on how to face your new condition with jazz and pizzazz? We want to help make that happen. But we can't do that without help. So soon, we'll be sharing our goals and asking for your help. For now, keep letting us know about new shops, new sellers, new resources that we should be sharing. We keep a list of requested supplies to hunt for, and starting next week we should be back on track for finding them and adding them to our lists. For all those walking back onto campuses around the world- Good Luck with your new year. We're all pulling for you! And for any Pretties in Houston and other areas affected by the recent Hurricane, our thoughts are with you- please let us know if there are special resources you'd like us to hunt for.

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