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Late again! Happy November

Well, it happened again. I was in the middle of doing some housework and suddenly realized: IT'S NOVEMBER! So, our homepage changeup is late yet again. Sorry Pretties! So here's the news: SarahCate was able to print some business cards and now we have a doctor in Dallas sharing us with his patients! Kris and Sarah will be sitting down to do some research and set some fundraising goals (we have rewards laid out already) so that starting in 2018 we can send out some rack cards and/or postcards to Drs. Offices and Clinics around the US for them to offer their patients. If you think your doctor or specialist would be willing to set a stack in their office- let us know! In the wider world, we want to remind Pretties in the US that open enrollment has started for the Healthcare Marketplace. The current administration wants to make it a difficult and frustrating as possible to access affordable healthcare, so please be sure you know when and where you can sign up. We have no idea how long the Affordable Care Act and its services will still be available, so we encourage anyone who CAN sign up to do so as soon as possible. Even when completely dismantled it will take time to strip it completely, so now is the time to get in while you can and begin using those benefits before they're yanked away. For a good guide on how, where and when to get covered and what that includes: you can visit the Autism Self-Advocacy Network's page. They have an excellent how to that discusses how and where. Click the link above or CLICK HERE. In the meantime here at PSS, we're back to researching shops and resources and will be adding new ones soon. As always- if you know of a creator or shop that should be added to our resources- let us know! And, in an exciting update: We hit 1000 likes on Facebook! When we started this idea in May we didn't really know what we were doing to be honest. But since launching the Facebook in June, the Website in July- it's become clear that we're filling a much needed gap in our community- and we're so excited to continue finding ways to service our chronically ill, pained and disabled Pretties.

We have 3 new featured shops below, and for the first time- our featured campaign is a fundraiser for one of our Pretties. We hope you'll check it out and, even if you can't donate directly, share their link far and wide so that as a community we can help them get a much needed motorized wheelchair. Need help with a fundraiser for your own chair or other medical need? We feature a different campaign every month, let us know and we can try to help drive more traffic and donations to yours.

In the meantime, happy November and we hope you have a calm and low-pain start to a long holiday season.

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