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Love it or Leave it...

We made it through January, Pretties! The beginning of the year can be difficult for a lot of us: wicked winter weather, processing the change from one year to the next, recovering from holidays but- February is here! In PSS news we've done quite a bit this last month. We finished up our fundraiser- and while we didn't meet our goal, we did get some donations. We also added a Teespring shop of our own to the mix. We spend a little time every week proposing and refining snarky slogans for tee-shirts, mugs, pillows and more- basically all the snark you WANT to say when able-bodied people are rude or invasive or inappropriate- but on an item of your choice! We've added a lot of new shops, including a whole new shop category for inhaler accessories, and another for Planner supplies and stickers too. In addition, we are still building our new apps section as well! We'll be sharing all kinds of helpful apps for your phones/tablets/computers. From accessibility tracking in public places, to symptom tracking, to medication reminders, to apps to make your phone itself more accessible, and even productivity helpers. We've collected a great list of helpful applications and are working on putting together those resources in an easy to surf section- similar to how we have our shops set up. We're not sure when it will be ready, but we'll make a big announcement on our social media so when it is- you won't miss it! In terms of the future of PSS, well, we're still plugging away the best we can. We're hoping that the Teespring shop can help bring in some funding and that eventually we'll still be able to print the rack cards we want to send out. We've been tossing around some other fundraising ideas, including starting a Patreon page for PrettySick Supply- where those who wanted to and could afford it, could contribute monthly. Rest assured we will NEVER put a paywall between our content and our community- so if we move forward with something like Patreon, anything shared there with our patrons will always end up on our site for free as well. ALWAYS. Kristie and I know as well as anyone the financial hardships of living with chronic conditions and disabilities. The shops and resources we find are here to benefit all of us- and even if it turns out that's all we can ever really afford to do- that's fine. But the truth is, we do want to do so much more with PrettySick Supply, and we're investigating if something like Patreon may be one way to build that future. For now, we carry on. And, as hard as it may be sometimes- we hope you will too. Thank you for supporting us thus far, we do all of this for all of you and we are so excited to find new ways to expand the resources available to our community. ​Happy February!

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