Featured Shops: A Review...

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Because we didn't think of the blog-as-homepage feature until last month, and SarahCate didn't think about screenshotting previous month's features... we don't really... remember when each set of 3 shops was featured in which month. So, we thought we'd put them in this catch-all post! We are working on reconstituting previous monthly messages since those are (some anyway) saved elsewhere for proofing purposes between us, but remembering which 3 shops got featured in which month is a lost cause. So! If you want to know which shops we've shared on the homepage in the past (up until April 2018 when they're archivable within the blog) you can browse through them here at your leisure!

We're splitting them by category here, though each month we try to feature shops from 3 different parts of the site so that we can highlight the variety of what we've found to share.

Clothing and Blankets:

Abilitee Adaptive Wear

Surgical Recovery Wear, Chewelry, PICC Sleeves, Ostomy Covers & Much More

Ships everywhere from US


Dress With Ease

Adaptive Clothing from XS-3X

Ships Worldwide from US


Fabric for Wellness

Stretchable Fabric Sensory Supplies

Ships Worldwide from US


I Heart Guts

Plush Organs, Tees, Magnets, Stickers +

Ships Worldwide from US