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Month 2 and Raring to Go!

Happy 2nd Month here at PSS! We're so excited you're here. We've had almost 500 visitors in our first month on the site and we LOVE that folks are finding us and finding the things they want and need as a result. We have so much more in the works still, and we're excited for you to see them. So here's the news: ​ - We launched our DIY page yesterday and from there, you can find video and written/photo tutorials on how to decorate and create all kinds of accessories, supplies, gear and equipment! We are constantly on the hunt for new tutorials, so if you know of good videos or posts that show you how to spruce up or create related products- let us know! ​ -Soon we'll be publishing our reviews page. Kris and I eventually will be doing some video reviews ourselves for products that we use, but we also want your reviews too! So if you write and/or publish reviews about related products- we'll be glad to publish, link and share them here too! Everything we show on this site includes a clickable link out to the source- and reviews will as well. Hopefully we can help drive some traffic to your shops and sites as people come here looking for goodies ​ -Soon we'll be doing some fundraising of our own, complete with rewards! There's a lot we want to do with Pretty Sick Supply, including moving to our own .com and doing a print blast to put information about PrettySick Supply directly in the hands of patients who might need us! So keep your eyes peeled in the next month or so for how you can help us make some amazing stuff happen. ​ We want to thank you all again for being here. Don't forget to check out our social media in the link bar above, and don't hesitate to reach out with shop suggestions, reviews, videos or ideas how we can be the best resource possible for all of our chronic community.

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