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Happy Easter Fool's Day!

Updated: Apr 19, 2018

Well, if it's not enough to be heading into the 4th month of the year already- Happy Easter Fool's Day! Er-something. Kristie and SarahCate have been down for the count - Kristie has been working and tending a nasty burn, and SarahCate survived 2 straight weeks of terrible rain only to be plagued by the plague. Nothing like muggle-sickness to really knock you on your butt!

Even so, slowly but surely, we've been planning and working as we can. You'll notice there's a new section in the shop- Service Animal Supplies. Leashes, collars, vests, all kinds of patches (both serious and tongue-in-cheek), ID tags and access-required notices- if you have a service animal- our shop page definitely has some goodies for you!

SarahCate is working on adding a few assorted new shops in other categories too. The apps section is still under construction, and now that she can actually focus for more than 5 minutes at a time- We're hoping to sit down and make some progress on it soon. You may notice that our homepage has changed a little too this month too- we decided we really want to be able to archive each new home-page. That will let people see what we've been talking about month to month, but also to see what shops we've featured in the past, and check in on the campaigns we've shared too. To that end, we're adding a blog function which will now be the homepage. Forgive us some growing pains- SarahCate is still figuring out how to make it all work correctly. We'll be adding as many past messages/featured shops/campaigns as we can and backdating them. So hopefully in the next few months you'll be able to flip back and see exactly how far we've come since we began!

In the meantime, we've had some emails and messages that indicated we probably should do a quick FAQ about exactly how PrettySick Supply... well... works. We've never really done that aside from our initial call for content, and now that we have a system in place- it's probably a good time to lay out what happens around here when we add new content or shops or information. We'll be adding an FAQ post soon, and tagging it FAQ so it'll be easy for folks to find and refer to whenever they need to!

For now- we hope April is kind to you all (and to us too!)




Unique Compression Socks

Ships Worldwide from UK



Ostomy Undergarments

Ships Worldwide from US



Affordable, Fun Service Dog Gear

Ships Within US Only



Normally, each month, we feature a single fundraising campaign. We like to share these links so that visitors who have the means know where need may be and can help folks in our community who are trying to get access to care or equipment they otherwise can't afford. Because there are so many folks needing help right now, we're going to start sharing up to 3 campaigns a month- in hopes that we can help spread the love as widely as possible. If you are able, please consider donating to one of these fundraising campaign to help those who need it.


Hi! My name is Percy and I am in need of a wheelchair, along with other mobility-related devices as well as help with other medical costs (meds, physical therapy, etc...). My physical health and mobility have been declining steadily and a wheelchair will help me gain back independence on those days when I can hardly leave my bed. I have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), along with a list of mental health conditions that I take medication for.

Having a wheelchair (and forearm crutches and braces for the easier days) will make it so much easier to get around. As a thank you, you can message me on Facebook (Percy Alioth) or on Instagram (psychoticrobots or psychotic.spoonie) and I can write you a poem, do a drawing, give you a shoutout, etc...

Thank you so much!



I'm a 20 year old in Kent, Ohio who has autism, ADHD, and progressive physical disabilities that cause me a great deal of chronic pain and limit my mobility. Sherlock has been my Emotional Support Animal for four years now. He has been self-trained up until now, but my disabilities prevent me from getting him to where I need him on my own.

He helps keep me safe during meltdowns, alert to my medical needs, helps me navigate the world, and more.

However, he requires more training to be able to help me navigate in public and increase my independence. I've found a wonderful training package for $500 that would enable me to increase his skills to support me and increase his public access so that I can have more independence outside of my home. 

Your donations will increase Sherlock's ability to do the job he loves as a Service Dog to provide me with independence and support. 

Thank you!



Hello!  I am a 21 year old lgbt student with multiple disabilities which severely limit my access to class, work, and activities.  In order to manage my symptoms and control flare-ups, my doctor recommended that I use a wheelchair.  Currently I am using a secondhand pediatric chair (it was the closest to my hip measurements that myself and my occupational therapist were able to find without the help of insurance) which due to the size and design, causes pain to my back and shoulders, not to mention worsening the carpal tunnel in my wrists! 

My insurance will not cover a custom chair, as they deem it not an emergency - but using an ill-fitting chair can cause serious and permanent damage over time.  For these reasons I am fundraising for a quality, custom sized, ultra lightweight wheelchair, to lessen the strain on my shoulders, wrists, and back.  With my income it will take years to save for this chair - by which time I may have caused permanent damage to my wrists and shoulders - so I am reaching out to you for help!  Please help me reach my goal of gaining more independence and ability - I can't do it alone and I need your help!!

Help me get the chair of my dreams!! <3



If you can't contribute, please consider sharing one or all of these campaigns on your social media! Someone you know may be looking for a way to give back and could make a huge difference in one of these folks' lives!

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