Summer Blues

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A cluster of turquoise party balloons arranged to shape a number 2 on a white background.

I'm not going to lie, July was rough for me. The weather was actually better- steady at least, not as rainy, not as dramatic as June's nonsense.

But for some reason, July just deflated me. I'm so tired, and feeling frustrated and while I know these moments will pass (they always do eventually), I think it's important that, as chronically ill folks, as disabled folks, as pained folks- we reserve the right to say, "this sucks."

So, July sucked. It had it's good moments: a big bill got paid for me, we were able to order a sturdy vinyl banner for a health expo we'll be tabling at in September, a patron of PSS paid for us to do an order of 500 rack cards (woot woot), for the same event, and we've had 2 different folks who work in psych offices request a batch to put out in their lobbies (full disclosure, one of them is my sister, but still!)

But the truth is, overall, my day to day has been a struggle. I'm managing- feeding the animals, scooping litter boxes, bare minimum cleaning to keep the house up. But I had plans for July too. I wanted to do a lot of deeper cleaning. I wanted to scrub my stovetop, and vacuum. I wanted to cook more, maybe bake something. Instead, there was a lot of ramen and mac n cheese.

Sometimes though, the only thing you can do is accept that you can't do everything- or even most of the things- that you want or plan to do. So, July was a bit of a write off for me. So far this month though, I've updated this page, added 3 new shops, made a list of new things to search, removed a dead link, celebrated my birthday with 2 different sets of folks, and even baked myself some cookies. I'm going to pay for all of that tomorrow, but for today- I'm feeding off of a short spree of energy and accomplishing as much as I can.

And, as summer begins to close, we here at PSS wish all of our student spoonies the best of luck, and all the spoons you need as you head back to classes. Remember to take things one class at a time and that it's ok- if all you could do for the day- is exist. Sometimes, existing is the hardest thing of all.



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