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Upon Review...

August arrives again... and it's still super-hot here in Texas. No surprise there- but SarahCate got a surprise- and not a pleasant one, and just in time for my birthday on Saturday! (/sarcasm)

My disability was reviewed this summer, and Social Security has decided I'm not disabled anymore. ironic since the day the decision arrived in my mailbox I was literally bedbound because my whole body was freaking out in response to overdoing it the day before. As it turns out, the ancient physician who did my exam and asked me exactly one question about my pain- did not give them an accurate picture of my situation. Surprise!

Today I crutched into the social security office to get the paperwork to appeal the decision. Got home, took a very long nap and wrote my fingers to the point of pain filling it all out. My phone appointment interview isn't until September 25th, but at least on the record I started the process on time.

No matter what happens- PSS will continue. For now, mostly, I could use... I don't know- just general moral support I suppose. :fingers crossed:

In the meantime, I'm navigating my ongoing flare as best as I can, and saving up links and bookmarks for our planned section expansions.

We hope the summer has been kinder to all of you than it has been to us.

Stay strong, stay with us, and don't let the turkeys get you down!



4 greeting cards, 2 partly tucked in envelopes and 2 loose.  Left to Right they read, "Be Good to Yourself," "I'll Share my Spons with You," "Congratulations on your diagnosis (finally)", and "Pumpkin Time is Real."

An assortment of round pins on brown cardbacks.  The pins are blue, green or purple and include the following phrases, "My Disability is Invisible," "My Disabilty is Episodic," Please Offer Me a Seat".  Some of the pins alo have a white silhouette of a peron holding a sign that shows a graph.

12 folded swatches of a wide variety of patterned fabrics above 2 different patterned walker bags.



Normally, each month, we feature a single fundraising campaign. We like to share these links so that visitors who have the means know where need may be and can help folks in our community who are trying to get access to care or equipment they otherwise can't afford. Because there are so many folks needing help right now, we're going to start sharing a few campaigns a month- in hopes that we can help spread the love as widely as possible. If you are able, please consider donating to one of these fundraising campaign to help those who need it.


A black and white photo of a hospital room with related machinery.  Over the photo is streaky, finger-painted style green and yellow paint streaks.  "INFECTED / INSPIRED Lyme Disease Art Anthology" is written in white over the photo.

INFECTED / INSPIRED is an anthology created by sixteen artists and writers to explore their experiences with Lyme Disease and related illnesses.

Lyme Disease, like many chronic and invisible diseases, is often misunderstood and underrepresented. As they say, “you don’t get it until you get it.” But art made by creators with firsthand experience helps bridge that gap.

When we use art as a way to release and give substance to our usually unseen struggles, we benefit outsiders as well as ourselves. The non-sick are allowed a view from our perspective. Art has a way of evoking emotions and strengthening the viewer’s ability to empathize with people unlike themselves.

To those who have experienced illness, it can be immensely reassuring to see experiences like yours represented. To see that you are not alone. To see that beautiful works can be crafted in the midst of your struggles.

We hope that this book can be a comfort to others who have lived with Lyme Disease, and that it serves as a starting point for conversation and understanding among those who have not.


If you can't contribute, please consider sharing any of our featured campaigns on your social media! Someone you know may be looking for a way to give back and could make a huge difference in someone's life! You can also look at previous blog entries to see if other featured campaigns are still in need of help!

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