Happy Birthday To Us!

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

It’s official- PrettySickSupply.com is ONE YEAR OLD!

One year ago today we took a deep breath and launched a very rough website onto the world. 2 months of planning and building and searching brought us to our launch date and instead of waiting till everything was picture perfect- we went for it as is. And it was… rough. So rough we didn’t even have shop photos to go with the few listings we’d found. But we decided the resource was needed, the groundwork was laid so it was better rough than delayed.

We started off with something like 8 categories of shops, and probably fewer than 50 listings. In the first week, we were so excited to log almost 750 page views between the US and Canada. Feedback was immediate, and positive and it pushed us to keep working. Fast forward a year, and now we have 21 categories to shop in, and more than 350 shop listings! As of this morning- we’ve been seen by people in 81 countries (that’s 32% of the world) and we’ve had over 35,500 page hits. More than 10,000 different people have visited PrettySickSupply.com We’ve spent the last year listening and observing our communities, fielding requests and queries, and cherishing every compliment.

In the last few posts, we’ve already talked about some of our future plans for the site, so today- well, this is just about celebrating. We’ve heard from so many of you, through social media (we’re up to 1499 likes on facebook!), through email, through messages- and we have to say every single message is such a boost for us. Kristie and I do this site together, and between her job and both of our pain and chronic conditions- it can be a challenge keeping up with things. Regular visitors know, updates don’t happen as often as any of us would really like, and sometimes features get sprung before they’re… 100% refined. But it’s so important to us, keeping this running, so that as we push through pain flares and busy times we do our best to seek out and share the best resources we can.

And it seems like every time one of us starts to feel burnt out, we run across another example of why PrettySick Supply is SO needed. From creators using their shops to fundraise for their own medical treatments, to Pretties in the world reporting about ableism as they try to just… exist with their necessary equipment, to our own experiences trying to find something, ANYTHING stylish and useful for our own medical needs. We’re constantly being reminded that this site is desperately needed by our community and it spurs us on to keep working, keep searching, keep helping.

So that’s what we’ll do. In these terrifying times, as the world around us, and in particular the United States, seems determined to return to a time of fascism and nazism and exclusion- we’re going to continue our mission of building and maintaining a resource for ALL of us with chronic conditions and disabilities.

Mostly though, we just wanted to take this space to say, THANK YOU. Thank you for being here: for sharing and responding and supporting us as we do this. Thank You.

Happy Birthday PrettySickSupply.com

And Many More!



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