Like a Lion

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The saying goes, that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and let's hope that proves out because this month stormed in all teeth and claws and it'd be swell if it's exit was a bit calmer and quieter.

The homepage is late because SarahCate made the mistake of going to a museum exhibit on a Saturday... to see a lego exhibition. Which, any chronically ill person knows is just ASKING for kid germs. It didn't even take 24 hours! Woke up the next morning with a sore throat, and am now 1 pill away from finishing a z-pack, one dose from finishing cough syrup and still not feeling even 60 %. Oh well. On the plus side, it was worth it, the lego sculptures were amazing!

In other news, one of our new shop sections is ALMOST ready to launch, so look for a new section specifically for toys and stuffies before the month is up, and as always, feel free to drop us links if you know someone making dolls, toys, accessories or stuffed animals that represent chronic illnesses, disabilities, rare conditions, congenital conditions etc. After that's done and launched, we'll be working on a section for grip/arthritis tools, and another for cannabis based products (creams, lotions, edibles etc- all without THC because... laws).

In the community the last few weeks have seen 2 major losses, and to be frank, they've each been heartbreaking and exhausting to process.

For those active in Facebook chronic illness/pain/disability groups, you already know of the passing of Dani Som. Dani was a powerful presence with a striking voice and the courage to stand in the face of prejudice and oppression and say, NO MORE. They spoke frankly and was not afraid to call out racism, and ableism, and transphobia despite the toll of the emotional labor that was often involved. Already, in just a matter of weeks, the loss of their voice in our communities is deeply felt.

And to those in the larger world of disability activism, the death of Carrie Ann Lucas has left us similarly bereft. Carrie's death can be directly linked to refusal by United health Care to cover medical expenses of around $2,000... ultimately costing somewhere around $1m in result. But more importantly, costing her family, friends and community the loss of a powerful and visible activist, friend, and loved one.

One of the hardest parts of being invested in our community is that these losses, be it from our conditions, from suicide, from medical neglect, etc. ... seem sometimes to be constant. In many ways, we are a fragile community- and we know it. That fragility is in no small part why our groups and smaller communities often become so tight knit so quickly. We understand each other in ways that the outside world just can't.

So to all of our community members, all those hurting by these and the thousands of other unsung, relatively unknown losses we send you all of our love and support and understanding.

There is a lot of loss in the life we lead as people in this community. But through it all, remember- this is just that- A Community. Embrace one another. Reach out. Be present. Be kind. To each other, to yourselves. Ultimately we are all we have: each other. Be a lamb in your own life- soft and kind and warm. You deserve all of that.



A knit/crocheted top to a weighted blanket of many pastel colors with various fidgets and pockets on it.  A white person's wrist wearing a knit/crocheted cuff with yarn strands, beads, poms, etc, and the same purple cuff above with a large pink flower and other fidget pieces attached.

Chronically Alive

Custom Handmade Fidget/Sensory Items | Ships Worldwide from AUS | $15+

a pair of clay earrings with turquoise colored circles from which dangle purle triangles.  A back sleeved white t shirt with a hand giving the thumbs up which reads, "Not Dead Yet", a bone can be seen sticking out the wrist.  A black tee with a black and white mouth holding a pill on its tongue. Text reads, "Sick Girl." Stickers with the 2 t-shirt deigngs on them, plus another blue purple pink gradiant hand with an eye in the palm that reads, "hyprnrml". A small pin in the "sick girl" design. A silver ring with pointed crystal formations on top.  A brass pendant in the shape of a crystal.


Tees, Pins jewelry & More | Ships Worldwide from UK | $2+

7 handmade greeting cards. 3 feature simple line drawings of hands spelling out ASL letters. One reads, "Happy", another "HUGS," and the third, "HOPE". The other four cards eature flowers, heart and spoons with messages for people with chronic illnesses

Shaw Paperie