Thanks... in Advance

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Better late than never seems to be our new going motto around here. Between pain and business and SS nonsense and exhaustion and so many things- we're running behind again this month!

On the plus side, part of the reason this is so late is that SarahCate has been plugging away getting new designs done, merched, and added to our own shop!

Just in time for the holidays- we've added some Spoonie Xmas designs, a Bah-Humbug design, and... a new design series for mobility device users! As cane, crutch and wheelchair users ourselves- Kristie and I both know how frustrating it is to deal with people assuming you're "cured" because you didn't need your cane one day, or to be accused of "faking it" because you've gotten up from your wheelchair to reach something on a grocery store shelf.

To that end, our new design series reminds folks that with or without our mobility equipment, we are- in fact- STILL DISABLED.

[Image description: 3 square images side by side. From left to right- 4 tank tops in Grey, Black, Navy and Hot Pink. The tank tops read "With my Cane... Still Disabled ...Without it", Next is a photo of a 3/4 sleeve navy/gray contrast shirt, a maroon long sleeve tee, and a green hoodie. They read, "On my Crutches... Still Disabled ...Off of them," the final image is of a green low scoop neck tee shirt, a gray scoop neck tee, and a red crew neck tee. They read, "In my chair... Still Disabled ...Out of it." The text in all designs rests in a swirly design setting each line apart.]

Add to that the new Holiday designs and the shop is chock-a-block with shiny new goodies!

In other news... well, there's isn't a lot of other news to be fair. SarahCate is still fighting through her appeal to keep her disability, and the other reason this update was late was because 10 hours or so got spent filling out a "functionality" report, where she basically had to explain all the things she can't do anymore. Yeah- not depressing AT ALL to see that written out in black and white. :Sigh:

But, it is November- the start of the holiday marathon. Check the shop for Spoonie-friendly Christmas designs, and a very special design for the bah-humbugs amongst us too, featuring one of SarahCate's nurse-kitties: Matt the Catt Smith.

A maroon long sleeve tee, a green/white 3/4 sleeve shirt, and a gray hoodie.  They all have an illustration of a black and white cat wearing a fluffy red and green collar.  The cat looks annoyed.  The text on the shirts reads, "FA LA LA LA Nope."

So whether you're a celebrator or a grinch- get your holiday wish lists ready and save those links to share with friends and family looking for the perfect gift!

Or, check out one of our featured shops for November! We found some great new places to get heating pads- in honor of the western hemisphere's dip into fall and winter.

Happy November Pretties, thanks for sticking with us.



2 long thin microwavable heating pads in different fabrics, 2 small and 1 large heatable eye pillows, and 3 sets of small square hand warmers.

Payne and Comfort

Hot & Cold Packs, Hand Warmers & More Ships Worldwide from US | $14+

2 silky looking eye masks, a rectanglar heating pad in a black and white pattern, heating pads shaped for use around the neck, a long stuffed pig that can be heated and used as a heating pad, 2 stuffed anmals that can be microwaved and snugged, a teddy-bear head shaped fluffy heating pad, and an old-school rubber hot water bottle with a celestial fabric cover

Stress Tamer Spa

Microwave Heat Pack Heated Neck Wrap Spa Blanket (Scented & Unscented)

Ships Worldwide from US | $12+