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All Hallow's... Month

Despite the sudden appearance of a nasty sinus infection here at PSS headquarters- we're so pleased that we've all made it through September!

In co-creator news... Kris made it safely through Hurricane Florence evacuation and she and the floofs have arrived safely back at home with only minimal damage from the storms, for which we're all very grateful.

Here in Texas, I've had a very busy September! My godmother whom I've lived with since 2007 got married and moved to a condo with her new husband. Which means for now, it's just me and the animals in the house- getting by the best we can. My disability appeal is still... happening? I'm choosing to go with no news is good news (although I do have a phone confirmation that it IS in progress, so that's a big relief). I'll know on the 10th if my checks got caught to continue with auto-deposit or if I have to go BACK to the office to have the next one issued manually... at which point I'll also have to RE-Sign up for medicare so cross your fingers that it goes smoothly and that isn't a necessary step.

In happier news: I FINALLY HAVE A POWERCHAIR!! I've been looking and shopping for chairs for at least a year and a half- but never bit the bullet. I tried fundraising for one last year (or the year before?) but fell short of my goal, and ended up having to use the acquired funds for other necessary medical expenses at the time. But after finding the perfect chair, and a few very frank discussions with my doctor- I gathered my courage at asked for it as a birthday gift from one of my dads. And he was kind enough and generous enough to go for it. It arrived a little over a week ago and has been absolutely INCREDIBLE. (Of course I promptly got the sinus infection from hell so I still haven't used it as much as I'd like yet!)

I ended up going with a Fold&Go wheelchair (which I'll be linking in the featured shops section below this month) and for November's homepage I'll work up a comprehensive review of the chair since I'll have had more than a month to really put it through its paces. But in just the short time i've had and used it- it has made such an amazing difference in my ability to do things on my own especially out of the house.

Other than that- it's still mostly survival mode around here for both Kris and I- which is part of why this month's update is running a bit behind schedule. As always, we thank you for your patience! And if you're new to PrettySick Supply- WELCOME! Let us know if there are resources you need that aren't here or that you've had trouble hunting down. After all, ultimately that's what we're here for!

--Have a terrible photo of me in my new chair the night it arrived... hopefully better photos to follow next month!

A photo of a fat white woman in a navy blue tanktop sitting in a bright turquoise power chair.  She has an intricate tree tattoo on her arm, and is clearly taking a mirror selfie with her phone.



2 power wheelchairs, one bright green, one bright pink.  Folded is a blue version of the same chair.  At the top is a row of color swatches.

8 individuals of varying ethnicities and abilities.  They are wearing shirts, pants, jeans, jackets and suits designed to be worn with various mobility aids.

7 handmade fabric patches with embroidered designs.  They read, "Nothing About Us Without Us," "Please Do Not Touch Me," "Ask me why Autism Speaks is a HATE group," "Flappy Hands are Happy Hands," "Stim freely," and Space Autistic".  Space Autistic patch has a small green stsitched alien on it.  At the top left corner i a square patch with the word "QUIET" stitched in white crossed out with red thread, and the rest of the patch reads "LOUD HANDS"



Normally, each month, we feature a single fundraising campaign. We like to share these links so that visitors who have the means know where need may be and can help folks in our community who are trying to get access to care or equipment they otherwise can't afford. Because there are so many folks needing help right now, we're going to start sharing a few campaigns a month- in hopes that we can help spread the love as widely as possible. If you are able, please consider donating to one of these fundraising campaign to help those who need it.



I recently moved to New Jersey with my sister and my partner, and my partner is now facing a medical/financial emergency.

The immediate issue is as follows: because they were unable to have their wisdom teeth extracted at the standard age, crowding has caused major dental problems. Last week one of their wisdom teeth became infected, and the pain has been bad enough that they are unable to sleep properly. They went to a community clinic that supposedly helps people who are unable to pay for health services, but ended up having to use rent money to pay for a dentist to tell them what they already knew—that the wisdom tooth needs to be removed asap. Now they are short on rent and while they are taking antibiotics, they don’t have the funds to pay for proper treatment. We’re looking into doctors who might offer a payment plan but frankly the search is not going well, and rent is due this week.

If they aren’t able to come up with a solution quickly, there’s a chance they’ll be kicked out of their apartment and forced to move back to the Midwest which is not good for a variety of reasons.

I’m posting a link to my PayPal, which will take you to a page that gives you the option to donate an amount of your choosing. All funds will go to my partner for rent and medical treatment.

If you don’t like the idea of donating but would still like to help, you can also commission them to write you something! They’re an excellent writer and will write anything from fandom related to original fiction. 


Keep Kia Breathing-Needs O2 Machine

A young woman with brown hair and eyes, she has a small nose ring and piercing below her lower lip.  Behind her are her two children.

This is Kiamichi Camp, 41, and she is the mother of 2 young and very active boys and a very determined daughter in college. Kiamichi has been in the hospital since September 16th, 2018, due to complications of hypothyroidism, related gall bladder infections, and the most recent, and devastating diagnosis of hypothyroidism related lung complications that cause her CO2 levels to rise to dangerous levels.  Simply stated; she can’t breathe. These dangerous CO2 levels are keeping her in the hospital and away from her beloved children.  She is unable to work due to these conditions, and therefore has no health insurance to cover the rising daily costs she is incurring while in the hospital.  She’s caught in a vicious cycle.  She is in desperate need of an oxygen machine, the cheapest of which is $650.00. The hospital is requiring her to have an oxygen machine prior to her release from the hospital because she likely would not survive for very long with out it. Without it, she can’t go home, take care of her children, or live a meaningful life outside of a medical facility. Kiamichi just wants to get home to her babies.  She wants to be the mother she has been all of her children’s lives.  She can’t do that without the oxygen machine.  She wants to find a job working from home so she can care for her children, pay her rent to keep her home, and pay for future medical insurance and bills.  She cannot do these things without the oxygen machine. She needs help with bills and groceries too.  Our focus right now is to get her home with the desperately needed oxygen machine. It only takes a few people to donate $5.00 each to reach our goal of $1000.00.  That amount should be enough to get her the oxygen machine and to help with a few bills and groceries.



A black individual in a navy blue tank top sits in a power chair.  They're wearing pink mirrored sunglasses and smiling widely.

Hi, my name is Sciatta. I was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy called arthrogryposis, which effects my joints and muscles. Because of this, I use a wheelchair, and although it's powered, my transportation is limited. Recently, I was able to sign up for accessible transportation but it becomes costly and greatly limits where I can go and where I can go. This leaves me less independent than I want to be, so to live my life to the fullest, I need an accessible vehicle.

Due to the fact that I am not working, am a full time student, and come from a low-income family, I need help to get one. Once I am able to get an accessible vehicle, I can finally live my life to its fullest and will no longer be confined to my home or rely on transportation that can only allow me to go so far. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!



A young person in round wire rim glasses and a small nose ring.  They're wearing headphones and a wrist brace and smiling at the camera.

My name is Justin Sterling. I'm a disabled student. The government is still slacking in the assistance I need, and I have been told it would be impossible for my insurance to cover a wheelchair without extensive tests, that would take up to 6+ months. This is too long for me to go without proper mobility. 

A little about me:

I'm Autistic, I have Fibromyalgia, c-PTSD, and a few other chronic illnesses that make it hard to function sometimes! I am an ambulatory user. So I can walk short distances, but need to use a wheelchair to travel long distances. I worked for a while around 4-5 years ago, but it became physically impossible for me to continue working because of pain, so I decided to go back to school instead. That was fine, but the pain was still there. I continued trying to push through the pain. But it reached a point where I had to lay down because of back and leg pain, and was missing a good chunk of class.

While my ability to travel is impaired, my desire to leave the house and do things is still there. This causes long-term physical and mental fatigue, which makes the pain I deal with even worse.

I have no intention to stop making those short-walks, but in the long term, with the medical issues I have, a wheelchair would bring stability into my life.

I currently only have a cane, and it's hard to walk with that, as my hands shake violently sometimes.

I am hoping to get a Karman LT-770 18" Lightweight Wheelchair and some accessories. (Such as Travel Storage Tote & Backpack, Duro-Med Deluxe Wheelchair Cushion, Activ Life LED wheel lights (so people see me better in the dark) and the Pembrook Wheelchair Pouch Bag.

I am hoping that I can get this so I can start going out and doing things better!


If you can't contribute, please consider sharing any of our featured campaigns on your social media! Someone you know may be looking for a way to give back and could make a huge difference in someone's life! You can also look at previous blog entries to see if other featured campaigns are still in need of help!

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